1 To 10 Of My Life

I have been tagged again by Shilpa (http://shilpaagarg.blogspot.com/) On 3Rd Aug. But as I have mentioned before ( http://prashansapuranik.blogspot.com/2009/07/what-day.html ) I am very bad with numbers.....Especially with Finance. And in this tag I have to give account of all my life in numbers.So it took me almost a week to summon up the list and fulfill this tag...

So here are the numbers in my life...

It must be my one and only daughter!
a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ojRxv7Yu_-c/SoBvFs0sJ8I/AAAAAAAAAM4/_c6AEf6A3MA/s1600-h/funny2-c.gif">

This is the number of blogs I am trying to maintain! I have become a Blog addict!!

Number of sisters I have! All elder as I am the youngest one in the family...

Number of languages I have studied! 1) Marathi, 2) Hindi, 3)English, and 4)Sanskrit.

This is the No. I dreaded the most as after these many years I would be considered as middle aged! (I shouldn't have mentioned it! But this big mouth!! Just consider it 'not having said' or may be I am making some mistake in counting again....)

This is the number of family members. Without their support I am nothing! They are my husband, daughter, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, niece and sister-in-law.

This is the number of cities I have lived in.They are...Wai, Pune, Mumbai, Glasgow, London, Milton Keynes and Brighton.

The number I hate! Why? It is a long story...O.K....Long story cut short; to get a driving licence for a motor cycle there was a test I needed to complete. I had to drive the motor cycle in shape of number '8' using all the signals for turning, stopping, etc. by hand. I failed the test first and (until now) the last time in my life! I am so embarrassed of myself!! So I hate this number with all my heart!

I am very much related with this number as it is my birth date and my numerological number. (I am not a strict follower. It is just an information.)

And the last but not the least(literally...) the number ten!

These are the number of years I have been a parent to my daughter. My life had changed so much in all these years! I have learned so many things and I have matured a lot! (at least I think so!!)
That's it!! I have completed the task successfully and I have enjoyed it a lot! I think I like to do these tags after all! Thanks Shilpa!!
I am Tagging all these wonderful people- http://kometkamath.blogspot.com/
http://knowversity.blogspot.com/, http://urmi-z-unique.blogspot.com/
http://kasabiangirl.blogspot.com/ http://crazycrishereandthere.blogspot.com/

You all are invited to join this tag as well!


kasabiangirl said…
Thanks so much dear for tagging me...will be doing it soon...take care and keep blogging :)
Babli said…
Thank you very much for tagging me.
Keep writing and keep visiting my blogs.
Indian Pundit said…
Hi Pra

Thats a nice read.

Point 4......i am very glad that u know Sanskrit....

Point 5......Just stay "YOUNG AT HEART"....i dont mind age....

Point 6......great to see that u have a loving family

Point 7....u are a globetrotter i guess.......where is wai located??

Anyways, a great post.

Cheers and thanks for visiting my blog.

i am following u now through google friendconnect!!!!
CrazyCris said…
thx for the tag Pra! oh my I seem to be quite behind on these things... :s

Was a very interesting post to read!
KometKamath said…
Awesome! How come u were able to ryt such an awesome post in one week! I would need a month, atleast. And, ofcourse thank you for tagging me :). Have a great time! cheers.
Shilpa Garg said…
WoW! Good to know a bit about you through numbers!! :)
pra said…
Thanks every one!
IP : Wai is in marashtra Near mahabaleshwar Satara district!Thank you for following me!
kasabiangiri,Babli,kometkamat,cris :It will be very interesting to see all your tags..
Shankar said…
hi..very nice answers indeed..thanks for visiting my blog..i am also potter fan..keep visiting my blog..thanks...
Thanks for dropping in :) You have a sweet blog here.. Our photo choice for number 9 is same :D Where are Milton Keynes and Brighton located? looks like it's time for me to open my geography book :( I hated that subject in school..
pra said…
Don't worry evanescentthoughts, I will answer your question so you don't have to open your map. They are in U.K.

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