1 To 10 Of My Life

I have been tagged again by Shilpa (http://shilpaagarg.blogspot.com/) On 3Rd Aug. But as I have mentioned before ( http://prashansapuranik.blogspot.com/2009/07/what-day.html ) I am very bad with numbers.....Especially with Finance. And in this tag I have to give account of all my life in numbers.So it took me almost a week to summon up the list and fulfill this tag...

So here are the numbers in my life...

It must be my one and only daughter!
a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ojRxv7Yu_-c/SoBvFs0sJ8I/AAAAAAAAAM4/_c6AEf6A3MA/s1600-h/funny2-c.gif">

This is the number of blogs I am trying to maintain! I have become a Blog addict!!

Number of sisters I have! All elder as I am the youngest one in the family...

Number of languages I have studied! 1) Marathi, 2) Hindi, 3)English, and 4)Sanskrit.

This is the No. I dreaded the most as after these many years I would be considered as middle aged! (I shouldn't have mentioned it! But this big mouth!! Just consider it 'not having said' or may be I am making some mistake in counting again....)

This is the number of family members. Without their support I am nothing! They are my husband, daughter, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, niece and sister-in-law.

This is the number of cities I have lived in.They are...Wai, Pune, Mumbai, Glasgow, London, Milton Keynes and Brighton.

The number I hate! Why? It is a long story...O.K....Long story cut short; to get a driving licence for a motor cycle there was a test I needed to complete. I had to drive the motor cycle in shape of number '8' using all the signals for turning, stopping, etc. by hand. I failed the test first and (until now) the last time in my life! I am so embarrassed of myself!! So I hate this number with all my heart!

I am very much related with this number as it is my birth date and my numerological number. (I am not a strict follower. It is just an information.)

And the last but not the least(literally...) the number ten!

These are the number of years I have been a parent to my daughter. My life had changed so much in all these years! I have learned so many things and I have matured a lot! (at least I think so!!)
That's it!! I have completed the task successfully and I have enjoyed it a lot! I think I like to do these tags after all! Thanks Shilpa!!
I am Tagging all these wonderful people- http://kometkamath.blogspot.com/
http://knowversity.blogspot.com/, http://urmi-z-unique.blogspot.com/
http://kasabiangirl.blogspot.com/ http://crazycrishereandthere.blogspot.com/

You all are invited to join this tag as well!


Anonymous said…
Thanks so much dear for tagging me...will be doing it soon...take care and keep blogging :)
Babli said…
Thank you very much for tagging me.
Keep writing and keep visiting my blogs.
Indian Pundit said…
Hi Pra

Thats a nice read.

Point 4......i am very glad that u know Sanskrit....

Point 5......Just stay "YOUNG AT HEART"....i dont mind age....

Point 6......great to see that u have a loving family

Point 7....u are a globetrotter i guess.......where is wai located??

Anyways, a great post.

Cheers and thanks for visiting my blog.

i am following u now through google friendconnect!!!!
CrazyCris said…
thx for the tag Pra! oh my I seem to be quite behind on these things... :s

Was a very interesting post to read!
KometKamath said…
Awesome! How come u were able to ryt such an awesome post in one week! I would need a month, atleast. And, ofcourse thank you for tagging me :). Have a great time! cheers.
Shilpa Garg said…
WoW! Good to know a bit about you through numbers!! :)
pra said…
Thanks every one!
IP : Wai is in marashtra Near mahabaleshwar Satara district!Thank you for following me!
kasabiangiri,Babli,kometkamat,cris :It will be very interesting to see all your tags..
Shankar said…
hi..very nice answers indeed..thanks for visiting my blog..i am also potter fan..keep visiting my blog..thanks...
Anonymous said…
Thanks for dropping in :) You have a sweet blog here.. Our photo choice for number 9 is same :D Where are Milton Keynes and Brighton located? looks like it's time for me to open my geography book :( I hated that subject in school..
pra said…
Don't worry evanescentthoughts, I will answer your question so you don't have to open your map. They are in U.K.

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