What a day!

Today is our 14th marriage anniversary. So my husband decided to stay at home. We planned to go to some movie, relax, just talk and spend a day happily! But alas... He started some work over weekend, some proposal ("business" proposal I mean...) and all our plans were gone with the wind! I think over all these years I now somehow know how to expect things to happen. So I am not disappointed and I am very satisfied with myself for that! Now I hope our plans for the dinner will be carried out more satisfactorily!!
He worked from home today so I still got some quality time to spend with him. All we talked about was share market trading!! Today our finance minister presented the annual budget in the parliament and my husband traded on the right side of the market! He was very happy about it and he lent me some information about it!! (These men! I really doubted why he stayed home for... is it the anniversary or he wanted to see the budget speech and keep an eye on market!!) But all the same I am happy as I had gained some new information. I really am very bad with the financial market and all the Numbers involved... Pure mathematics like matrices, integration, derivatives etc I am o.k. with... but when that money word comes in between my maths collapses completely! I really don't know why... so now I am trying to improve it! And of course I am not telling him about it before my goal is achieved!! (I know in my guts that even if he tries to be patient and gentle, all his comments and efforts to encourage me will frighten me soon enough!) So that is my resolution of the Day! I will surprise him with my knowledge of finance next year...
After months' wait it rained properly like a Monsoon day today! As all our water resources depend upon the Monsoon it's a really happy day after the worries that rain will never come and it would be a draught like situation this year in this part of the country. The situation is still not much different as we need lots of more rains; but at least it had started. So in all this day was full of all kind of emotional ups and downs! What a day!!


jiggins said…

14 years is Quite an accomplishment.. at least from my perspective. I have only been in a relationship for just over 2 years..and that is he longest relationship I have ever had! (romantically)

Hey by the way.. thanks for following con·tin·u·um , which i will be re-building soon.. but join me over at Splitting Tens .. it is where I blog the most these days! Hope to see you there!
Shilpa Garg said…
Belated Happy Anniversary!
I could relate to some things at your end. :)

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