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Thank you!!

I used to write a diary and write the lines, poems etc... I used to like while reading it later. Somehow I lost that habit. But after a long time I got that note book out and wrote few poems while reading some of the blogs I follow... It was a refreshing experience! I felt like I was again in the school and college ! Over the years I had a thought nagging me in my mind that I am loosing my sensitivity now a days....I don't feel that strongly about the things. I thought that the experience of life had done that to me. But on the other hand I am becoming too touchy and sensitive about few things...regarding my husband and daughter....which is actually shocking. I know I have to get over this sensitivity soon enough! I am trying hard...

But after I started blogging I have a feeling that I am getting back that sensitivity... It is like getting myself back ! I am very happy! "THANK YOU EVERYONE"!! Now I am looking at everything with different perspective. I keep on searching w…

Another Parallel world? No...It's our world only!!

I have posted many posts regarding my passion with reading, watching movies, painting etc. But my blog will remain incomplete without this post. I like to see photos of all planets, galaxies, stars, black holes, etc. I don't have any telescope or I cannot take pictures yet but I am planning to buy it in near future... Until then I like to see all these pictures you can find on Internet... These are some select pictures...

This is the most fascinating world for me... The vastness, colourfullness and the feeling of 'so little we know about the world' just left me wordless and breathless.
A picture drawn by my 11 year old daughter...

My new resolution

I started this blog out of curiosity. To learn something more about computers. I have done my B.Sc.(physics)with special subject as computer science. I have learned "FORTRON" and "COBOL" at that time (and we had known immediately that they were useless ! That was time of C++ ,Oracle etc.) So to keep myself in touch and giving some illusions to myself of doing something new, I started this blog. Thank god for that!

Then one of my M.Sc. classmate met me on orkut and came to know about my blog. I don't know whether he really followed what I am doing with my blog or not ,but from time to time he kept on asking questions about it and fuelled my curiosity. Now thanks to him I have discovered a true joy of the blogging! (I am personally going to thank him on orkut but before that I am going to check if he really followed what I am writing on the blog!) I have discovered a whole new world for myself! I am following many blogs now which are giving me some beautiful infor…

Expressing yourself

I like to prepare greeting-cards myself.Each and every person I know have different personality and the relationship we share has different shades.So I like to prepare a different card for each person for each occasion...
My daughter on my insistence prepares greetings herself now-a-days. She loves it!
This particular greeting I have prepared is for my elder sister.I liked this of all as it shows her personality really well.With the eternal things like sea, moon and the earth ( in abstract way),a bird flying is representing her! I have kept this greeting with me for such a long time....I have only used a pencil to prepare this one!


In this poster I have used metallic paints. There are so many different types of paints available in the market ! I liked these metallic and pearl colours .They give painting a nice glow. This painting just looks similar to the bronze statue of " Lord Nataraj".

My painting experiments !

Art is another vast world you can lose yourself in !!

I like painting.I have tried different forms of painting like...making posters , cloth painting , pot painting etc.
These pictures show the poster I have made.This type of painting is called 'Warali Painting' .It is an ancient trible form of painting. In this type of painting generally brown colour background is used but I have used black colour backgroud as it gives lift to the white coloured figures in the painting on any colour of wall. We can also use colours ...The other poster I have made is with colours.