Thank you!!

I used to write a diary and write the lines, poems etc... I used to like while reading it later. Somehow I lost that habit. But after a long time I got that note book out and wrote few poems while reading some of the blogs I follow... It was a refreshing experience! I felt like I was again in the school and college ! Over the years I had a thought nagging me in my mind that I am loosing my sensitivity now a days....I don't feel that strongly about the things. I thought that the experience of life had done that to me. But on the other hand I am becoming too touchy and sensitive about few things...regarding my husband and daughter....which is actually shocking. I know I have to get over this sensitivity soon enough! I am trying hard...

But after I started blogging I have a feeling that I am getting back that sensitivity... It is like getting myself back ! I am very happy! "THANK YOU EVERYONE"!! Now I am looking at everything with different perspective. I keep on searching what I really feel about the things around me... I keep thinking what I will write on this blog and keep wondering what I will read ...

Here you can find variety of subjects from movies, books, poetry to recipes, parenting to paranormal experiences... I find straight forwardness and frankness of bloggers overwhelming! I can never be that straight forward ! but I can always try....!!

Thanks to you all I find this parallel world as interesting as books movies and astro physics!!


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