The Indian Dream

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I was very much confused with this subject when I started thinking about writing it! It is so vast subject! What am I going to write? I was thinking about it for whole two days. Yesterday I slept thinking about it only and I had a dream.....

In that dream I was in a room full of people...No...Wait. It was full of many me's. All different creative me's. All me's were busy doing something or other and 'I' me started doing a tour... In dream everything is possible, you see!

First I visited a me who have all different maps of India scattered all over the place. "Indian Dream is not only the dream of Indian people but it can be a dream of some other people as well. We have to take those dreams in consideration as well...." She was saying with feelings. Then she showed me so many maps and explained things about them. It all waved in front of my eyes like this-

I think I missed something she told me about American Indian dream and something else .... But other me's were calling me as well.

The next me was a kind of M.B.A. person. He was making a statistical data with answered questionnaires and all. He had categories like these:-

1) Bollywood stars

2) Hollywood star

3) A Day with a Bollywood star

4) A day with a Hollywood star

5) Becoming a star (Any category from T.V. To films.) or a model

6) Becoming a cricket player of the Indian team

7) A day with a cricketer

8) To be a very rich person a easy way

9) To stay in a very comfortable place where they will get all facilities. Stay in the big cities and metros.

10) Become famous by any means

11) To be happy with family and friend

12) Going abroad for study or service or for staying permanently

Apart from this some weired kind of options were there as well. "These are all the dreams of Indian people. This is what they are taking efforts to achieve. So this is the 'Indian Dream"! Yes this I also got a point. I left her to see the next me.

The third me was having all the photos of reformatories from present and past. He was arranging them with their quotes.

"This is how we should think of the Indian Dream. The Technologically, scientifically, politically ,culturally and economically strong India. India without poverty. India without violence. A self sufficient India. This is what an ideal Indian Dream for all of us. Many in India are still dreaming for such India.

Now actually I saw me writing a post with all this information. Am I really writing this post or am I dreaming? OK. Do not pinch me. I got it. I am really writing this post about my dream of 'THE INDIAN DREAM!'

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Vipul Grover said…
"Indian Dream is not only the dream of Indian people but it can be a dream of some other people as well. We have to take those dreams in consideration as well...."
Now thts a totally new dimension. Food 4 thought for sure. But their Indian Dream is our Indian Nightmare in tht case:)
Gr8 dream Pra, a unique presentation. I was bout 2 pinch u. Good u got up by urslf :p
Guria said…
This is a refreshing view of the topic. Liked it. Literally dreaming. But the different facets of self cinched it for me. :)
Shankar said…
hey..very uniquely presented.... you speaking to yourself..several yourselves... that was great... really a good post pra... all the best to win blog-a-ton..
Anonymous said…
:D several of yous and all of them with valid dreams... thats what is an Indian Dream :D ... very well written :D
Hey.. Nice concept,btw and I am a huge huge fan of Mr. Kalam. Good one.
All the best
Interesting 'uncommon' take .... The saying in Mr. Kalams pic said it all

"Dream is not what u see in sleep"
Anonymous said…
somehow i imagined many you's in the form of many twin you's..all little girls..with pink frocks..thinking consistently,persistently...thinking of a dream...thinking a dream is dont have control over your dreams normally....i love the pics..and the closing..

all the best for your post :)
Daisy Blue said…
A creative dream this is.. good one.. glad to find this through blog-a-ton !
Anonymous said…
a very innovative approach indeed...
I appreciate the way touched all those points by presenting various facets of you...
soin said…
well many seem to be kalams fan. but never follow what he stands for..fre
Shruti said…
Hey pra, it was a damn damn damn innovative approach to this concept! Good going girl!
Chetan said…
nice one
and a beautiful approach to portray your thoughts
..that mba questionaire is a good one...
all the best
Anonymous said…
Great way of presenting.. I loved that presentation of Indian maps.. and a totally different way of writing.. you talking to many 'U' :)
New n unique presentation is wat I will call this post :)
Interesting dream ;)
Sojo Varughese said…
"Indian Dream is not only the dream of Indian people but it can be a dream of some other people as well. We have to take those dreams in consideration as well...."

As Vipul rightly said, great perspective :) I wish they don't dream nightmares for us and we don't dream nightmares for them :)
pra said…
Vipul and Sojo- We should know and act on their dream before it turned to our nightmare!:-0
Sojo- we do not dream to be anybody's nightmare ever. But others tend to do that and any part of India is not their target. They just want to built some obstacles in our progress... So it is good to know we are making them concern with our progress!
pra said…
Thanks Guria, Shankar, Dhiman,Rajlaxmi and Swami for you encouraging comments. I apreciate your support.
Pramathesh-We should act on those other's dreams. If we have acted intime for the British dream as predicted by Shivaji Maharaj we may had different past and future.
pra said…
Frozewell- It is a good feeling to be able to control your dream at least writing about it!
Thanks Daisy blue and welcome to my blog!
Thanks a lot RSV.
Soin- Kalam gave a very new dream to the young India.We are all trying to fulfill it by our own small ways
pra said…
Thak you Shruti,Avada and Why so serious. You always give your support to me.Thank you!
pra said…
Thank you Chetan for visiting my blog.
Shruti said…
hey pra see my take on this topic!!!
vEnKy said…
you see dreams keep changing with time yesteryear, the dream was of independence from British but now it is independence from our corrupt a fight amongst us this is more complicated than the former.
lostworld said…
Very interesting view.. !! Nice read.

Good luck for blog-a-ton3!!
Aparna said…
India has come a long way in the last decade or so only because some people decided to dream with their eyes open.
A very innovative take here. Liked reading the post.
pra said…
I agree with you totally Venky! Thanks for your comments.
Thank you lost world!
You are soooo right Aparna. Thanks!
Thank you Sai Manohar for the visit and the comment!!
Guria said…
Ma'am you honoured me by voting for me amongst all the others!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Star said…
A very interesting theme and I enjoyed reading it and thinking about it. We never know what we are going to dream about, do we?
Blessings, Star
Roshmi Sinha said…
Wish you a very happy, safe and prosperous Deepavali/Kali Puja... !!! May the festival of lights bring lots of happiness and colour into your life and a New Year blessed with prosperity!

P.S. No new posts yet... ?????
Shruti said…
Prashansa, hi :)
Visit my profile :)
Something is waiting for you!
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High time you wrote a new post...

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