Monday, November 30, 2009

Today's Flower (29-11-09) With a poem...

On the land alone I stand...
I am a nobody, loves me nobody
Still I am alive,so I stand!
Sending the vibes of the life...
Against all odds I just stand!
Life cycles around me
I have work just for me...
Doing the work I try to stand
Alone I live all my life
Give the life take the life
To my own limpid stand...
I am responsible for all I have!
On the land alone I stand
till the death come to me...
On the land alone I stand...
Nature always provides inspiration to live the life differently and write something totally different! This is my attempt to write a poem on this tree I spotted standing alone in the field but I have seen some people like this tree standing alone against all odds...

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Monday, November 16, 2009


This is the second chapter of my Science fiction. I hope you will like it!

"Come on Guys, Please!Think about it again! I beg of you!" Shyam was at the point of break down. Lata could not take it any more! "OK Shyam I am ready to do it!" "What?!" Four voices said in unison. Two openly , one ; her own, in secret of her mind in great astonishment and one in pure joy! If she would be allowed to do some child's play she would say 'jinx' and nobody would able to say a thing till she want them to and say their name three times....For once she could talked and would be listened to without disturbance; or she would beat them. She couldn't stop laughing at the idea!
"Lata! What are you laughing at? Are you with us at all?" Maya's agitated voice brought her again in the present.In their dining room.
For past two weeks all three of them had successfully avoided Shyam talking them into this.But they all knew it was unavoidable. Today Shyam gave ultimatum to Lata and Lata invited Maya and Manohar for dinner. After dinner Shyam came straight to the point and asked them to be the subject of his experiment. He almost pleaded to them. He had no choice! And Lata thought she had no other choice than to consent. But Maya and Manohar were not thinking on the same lines....
"Tell me something more about this experiment of yours." Manohar was asking. "Is it something like a time machine? Are you going to zoom us in our past? Where we can advice ourselves and change the incidence?"
"No nothing so fancy or nothing so advance at this stage at least. I do not have a time machine. It is just that I am going to observe the thinking waves in your brain and I am going to interfere with their frequency or wavelength or if possible with their strength. After this interference I am going to observe the changes in your thought process."
"Then why you want us to be your subject? And why do you want to change our past incidences?" This time Maya was more curious than Manohar."Oh...well....First I just thought to have fun with you all. just wanted to see how you really feel about life and all. I didn't really intended to ask you to be subject but past two weeks as you all were avoiding to meet me and talk with me I had this idea in my mind. I thought about it a lot. I know all of you from my high school. If something goes wrong with my experiments I will be able to do it right without being harmful to anybody. We would all know about the incidence and the change in that memory. So if I could not get it right again with my experiment we all can make it right with other methods. You know.."
"Can you predict the changes that will occur in our memory?" Lata asked silently. "No I could not predict the changes or the worst what will happen if the experiment goes wrong." The mood in the room had changed drastically. Before it was kind of strained but now it was very sad. "Look now you as well as I know all odds of my experiment. This experiment is really very important to me but I have not thought of so many things before asking you. I am sorry for that. Really I am. "
They all know that this was the end of road for this experiment. " I will think of something different." Shyam was saying. He was not a person to loose hope. But everyone else in that room was thinking their own thoughts. What would they do? They have to help their friend. This could be some new break through in the world of Physics. But would they dare to take the unknown risk? Should they take the unknown risk? They have to find a way soon to help their friend soon. They all watch each other and with one eye contact all three of them said,"We are Ready ti do this Shyam! For you!" But this time Shyam turned to them with a broad smile. "No Guys.No body's doing such a thing! You do not have to take this decision. The decision has already been taken. I am taking the decision to stop this experiment at once!"
The decision taken by each of them was unique in itself!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I am starting to write a science fiction.I am trying to write a big story with the chapters each containing a full story. My first chapter is this....

She sat very disoriented in front of her computer.She wanted to write something....No, She has to write something but...She had an argument with him and now all she could think about was that argument! He never understood her! Nobody had understood her! Does she herself understand her? The question didn't surprise her. Sometimes she didn't understand herself! Before she used to defend herself to others as well as herself. But now a days she did not bother to do that! What difference it would make any way? Blaming any one would not take her anywhere. She couldn't change a thing.
At that instant the phone rang. She ignored it. It ranged for a long time and then stopped. Who was that? She wondered. She must buy an answering machine. The phone started ringing again. It must be someone who know her very well to know that she would be at home this time and just ignoring to answer the phone or someone very desperate to contact her. She had to answer the phone! She started towards the phone reluctantly.
"Hello" She herself could sense the reluctance in her voice. "Hello Maya,I could understand that you didn't want to be disturbed but I needed your help in my project. Could you come immediately to the lab?" "Do I have a choice?" "You always have a choice but I would appreciate it if you could come. Please!" She couldn't refuse Shyam of all people. And this could provide her with the new idea for a story. He had given her so many Ideas... Actually he was the reason for her fame! "OK. I will be there in 15 minutes max!" "Thanks a lot Maya! You will be thankful to me for this opportunity."
Shyam worked at the 'High energy labs' always experimenting.When she reached the lab her speculation was already touching the sky!She went through all the security procedures and entered the lab.One bad decision or she could have been working here with Shyam.In spite of all her efforts she couldn't get reed of that 'Overdressing' mood.Shyam welcomed her with a broad smile. "Thanks a millions Maya!""It better be good!" She responded.He took her to the room situated at the end of corridor. It had a very spooky kind of surroundings as the light was very low due to the thick trees surrounding the building.That part of the building looked neglected.On top of that the room was locked!She had never seen any room locked before in the lab.So many scientists worked there and many research students help them to complete their projects.But still there was no need to lock the doors.Unless..."Why the door is locked?"She asked. "Is this some 'Classified' project?Where you are involving me Shyam?""I will explain to you everything once we are inside."He unlocked the door and went inside.
The room looked ordinary enough.With some big instruments. She thought she had seen these instruments before. One was similar to the nuclear reactor and other was similar to the laser gun. Some mirrors were also there with the solar power batteries.This didn't look so frightening!Without knowing she was holding her breath which she released now with the sign of relief.Shyam laughed!" What were you expecting?"He asked with the smile."Oh! You never fail to surprise me. Any way, what is this all about?"
"I and few of my colleagues are working with the energy conversion for a long time now and we have very nearly converted a mass into energy."Shyam was telling this so lightly....Maya wanted to shake him! That is so great a break thro'. If it was true now a human can travel in the form of energy. Just as it was shown in the science fiction T.V. serial 'Star trek'!Oh my god!! And he was so calm about it! But she had learned not to disturb him while explaining long a go.So she just suppressed her excitement and tried to concentrate on what he was saying!
"Now we are experimenting with the human being.But it is complicated.Human is not only the mass. It's mind played a bigger role in the existence of a human being.The mind or thoughts of the person are very short energy waves.We can change this energy waves as well and due to this Revelation our experiments took a very different turn.So now for that experiments what I wanted you to do is just choose one incidence from your life which you want to change and we will try to change it!"
Maya stood there speechless! Was it a coincidence or a fate?! All morning she had a mood if she could change her life and now this!But Shyam was not finished yet!"Look this is just a experiment. We don't know yet if we succeed and up to what extend we will succeed.May be in reality nothing would change. Or only your thinking about that incidence will change.But it is worth trying. It would give us a great break thro'!"
Maya was not listening.She was busy with her own thoughts.What change would she like to make? Which incidence in life would she change?Would she like to change her husband? No... She can still do it without this experiment. Would she like to change the carrier path she had taken? No... She is living a very comfirtable and stable life now.She would not like to change it for more struggling and hard working life.Would she change her parents to some rich parents....or change the country where she was born ....or...She was trying to figure out what she will change and suddenly she answered,"I don't like to change a thing in my life Shyam!I realised just now that I am quite happy with the life I am living thank you!" She was shocked with the answer she gave but Shyam was laughing! "Welcome to the party! You are the third person to give me that answer.I asked Lata first with the confidence that she will give me the life incidence very easily but she refused.Then I asked Manohar and he refused as well referring me to you with confidence that I will get my incidence from you.But..."
Maya was shocked again!Manoher refused to change his life?Today when they had the argument he yelled at her with top of his voice that he was fade up and he would give anything to change his life from this miserable condition.The ring of mobile brought her back from her shock.It was Manohar."I want to talk to you before.." She stopped him in mid sentence."Don't worry Manohar! Do you know what I have taken the same decision as you have!Don't worry." Shyam was very happy to see the expressions in his best friend's eyes.No experiment yet have given him this satisfaction!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Flower of the day (8-11-09)

I am posting flower photographs after a really very long time! I have spent some time taking pictures to post and now I have armful of them! Enough for few weeks! Here are two of them!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where I have been.....

I am back after a long time! I was having fun in this holiday! I had done some cleaning for Diwali. Then I kept away from this "time consuming box" as my daughter was having her exams.It is such a great distraction for her...Here I must confess that I am so addicted to it that I couldn't quite keep away from it. I just then started using the time I got on Face book to play farm ville and other games! So... All I am doing here is giving some excuses which are not true for my non creative period.
So after Diwali we went to the smashing holiday to Goa! We visited all the beaches had a great swim.Then we enjoyed a sunset cruise on river 'Mandavi'. We tried some adventure sports like para sailing and speed boat ride. We visited some temples, a spice garden and a church! We even got to see some Dolphins! It was a wonderful holiday overall!
Here are some photographs of my holiday for you.
On the left it is a Miramar beach of Panaji. Our Hotel was on the beach itself.

This is the Dolphin we spotted!

This is the "Paradise Boat" on which we danced a lot one evening.

My Para sailing adventure!

This is the 'Saptakotishwar Temple' of lord Shiva. This temple was reconstructed by Shivaji maharaj. The temples in Goa are vast.
This is the church in old Goa.
So now I am back much refreshed and really inspired to write. I hope to see you quite often now!!