Flower of the day (8-11-09)

I am posting flower photographs after a really very long time! I have spent some time taking pictures to post and now I have armful of them! Enough for few weeks! Here are two of them!

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Roshmi Sinha said…
Wow! Wonderful!

What are the names of the last two...?? Esp. the white flowers... so lovely!

P.S. Please do away with the 'word verification' bit in the 'comments section'
Jama said…
I like the second photo, the flowers are so gorgeous! I love taking photos of flowers and I have a good collection of them, and still growing! I can never resist taking their photos.
SandyCarlson said…
Those are beautiful blossoms.
Vineeta said…
hey lovely flowers.. plz tell the names too. Also I m planning to buy few for my garden (indoor,outdoor). can u suggest few? Thanks :)
Arija said…
Lovely little white star flowers.
pawan said…
The second one is beautiful!

I love gardening and most importantly plants, but I don't have a garden :(
pra said…
Thanks every one!
Roshmi I will try to remove it!
Vineeta-sure I will help you with the very little info I have!
Wonderful flowers Pra! They are the beautiful souls to be captured with a moment always...:)
hey there,
I have tagged you to save the world. You are a part of the green team now, Click here to know more.

Btw. A little gesture can save the planet. Lets do it.
Shruti said…
The white flower is soo lovely pra! sorry, flower girl!
Roshmi Sinha said…
No new posts... ?????

P.S. Please do away with the 'word verification' bit in the 'comments section'...
Thanks for getting back to me! I'm going to add you right now to my best blogs page. Please do the same.

The white flowers are saying something about inspiration and peace...

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