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May be

I want to say something
that I have to say now!
otherwise,regrets will stay behind
May be...I could have told you.....
May be...I could have loved you... more than what I have... May be friendship could have flourished more than it already have... May be lot more could have happened happy memories leaving behind... I do feel very sorry... but...I have accepted it! As I have to now! you are my friend whom I love and adore... As much as I can!

Imagine a future world!!!!

How the future world will be like? There are so many science fiction stories and movies around....Will the future world have all those things? Which movie do you think will be most practical ?
1) The fifth element
2)The terminator OR
3) star wars ?
In Harry Potter series J.K.Rowling had imagined a parallel magical witch and wizard world. DO you think it exist?Or it will be there in future?A Parallel world of people having extra power....Having some special gifts from science!!
I am a Physics double graduate person.We had a subject called Quantum Mechanics in our T.Y.Our sir use to tell us lot of stories to make that boring subject interesting.Once while talking about star trek serial he said that "If matter and energy are inter convertible then with the use of Quantum Mechanics you can prove that man can be transported from one place to other in the form of energy...just shown in the star tr…

A Teaser!

One day I read a story where a person living near a very high power electric pole was able to create a new world by merely dreaming!!! If we conduct all public gatherings of politicians near such a powerful grid what will happen? I think 2-3 new worlds will form!!
1)A world which they talk about in public!
2)A world which they think they actually can build!!
and 3)A world they actually want to create for there benefits!!!
What do you think??should we actually experiment??

My Parallel Worlds

I always find myself drowned in books or movies or T.V.serials....I kind of create my own world there.I like some characters,and I hate few!I like someone to win and someone to lose!Then I kind of try and copy few behaviors that suit my character...Do you think it is a madness?
I think everybody does that a bit!That is why the topics like magic,fiction etc are so popular....Even surfing the net is living different life....and it is also Soooo popular....Everybody wants to live a different life than he or she is living and that is where a parallel world is born!
WE dream,we fantasise,we think.....And sometimes it comes true in reality.....Or we keep on thinking If only I have behaved differently it would have been different.....If only we can go back in time ;change decisions ;and see the results...and then choose....

Why I have started this blog

I am a housewife.....still I am writing this blog! My life is prettyordinary.No big big secrets....Not even a desperation!!!(I am not a desperate kind of housewife!) In a way I am happy and satisfied with my life.But many times I review my life and think about the decisions I have taken....Many times I feel,if I have taken a different decision my life could have taken a different turn...
I like reading and writing.One day I came across a nice science fiction story where there was a concept of parallel worlds....and parallel life...Then I decided to write my life...Actual and in parallel world!!!!!!!!! That is why I have started this blog!Online I am reliving my life;two ways!May be many of people out there want to do the same thing!Or may be they are doing it already!