Saturday, December 5, 2009

All in a Day's work

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I usually woke up at 6:00 o'clock in the morning. Actually I set a alarm for 5:30 with the snooze of 10 minutes! So after two snoozes I wake up at the third snooze...Oh what a heavenly feeling my mind feels when I get that extra 30 minutes sleep! Yes sometimes I press wrong keys and the snooze alarm turns off...Then I have to rush through my work like a rocket but still, 'that 30 minutes' sleep and 'that heavenly feeling 'worth ed more such havoc mornings! I love these mornings as well for they show the signs of aliveness present deep inside me. I have to find out the recipes which are fastest,I could find out how fast my child can cope with the situation without complaint and how much my husband is capable of helping me if the time comes...

My daughter has that same habit of sleeping just for 5 minutes more...I usually get so much annoyed with her for that but sometimes a morning comes when I realise that she is so much like me or my husband in some habits that I start enjoying her behavior and loved her more...We exchange a very different communication that day with each other for the whole day!

I listen to the Radio in the morning from 6:00 o'clock to 9:00/9:30. It's just a habit I had from my childhood. My father used to put on a radio and from the programs we use to decide the time and used to get ready in time for the school or college. Now Radio programs are not like that but this habit keeps me with the time still! I know all the new songs, all the new language that is going around and all the new trends in the world. When I listen to some very romantic song I remember how was the feeling for my husband in the starting days...It revives that feeling in me again. Certainly making life more spicy!

Oh I know what you must be thinking now..."How long this story is going to be?!" This is the forth para and I have reached only up to 9:30 a.m.! So are there going to be more than 10 paras? Hell no I don't have that much patience as well! I want to give you a 2 hours Hollywood movie with the extra ordinary special effects and not the same old 3 hours Bollywood movie.

My life is going on with more or less same pace for last 15 years. Each day is somewhat same as the other ;still different. Enjoying this difference second by second each day is what I am doing in all my day's work.

I have gathered so many such seconds in my day's work.....I have travelled in different spaces and times with the books I read, and movies I saw!I have experience the moments of pure giving and social work. I have experienced the great moments of selflessness, of love ,of friendship and of sheer hopelessness.... I have experienced all this quite unexpectedly in my dull every day's work and it had given me such a joy...

I am happy about my life and yet feeling some unhappiness. I keep on finding something and fighting for more in a day's work! I am living my life all in day's work!

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Today's Flower (29-11-09) With a poem...

On the land alone I stand...
I am a nobody, loves me nobody
Still I am alive,so I stand!
Sending the vibes of the life...
Against all odds I just stand!
Life cycles around me
I have work just for me...
Doing the work I try to stand
Alone I live all my life
Give the life take the life
To my own limpid stand...
I am responsible for all I have!
On the land alone I stand
till the death come to me...
On the land alone I stand...
Nature always provides inspiration to live the life differently and write something totally different! This is my attempt to write a poem on this tree I spotted standing alone in the field but I have seen some people like this tree standing alone against all odds...

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Monday, November 16, 2009


This is the second chapter of my Science fiction. I hope you will like it!

"Come on Guys, Please!Think about it again! I beg of you!" Shyam was at the point of break down. Lata could not take it any more! "OK Shyam I am ready to do it!" "What?!" Four voices said in unison. Two openly , one ; her own, in secret of her mind in great astonishment and one in pure joy! If she would be allowed to do some child's play she would say 'jinx' and nobody would able to say a thing till she want them to and say their name three times....For once she could talked and would be listened to without disturbance; or she would beat them. She couldn't stop laughing at the idea!
"Lata! What are you laughing at? Are you with us at all?" Maya's agitated voice brought her again in the present.In their dining room.
For past two weeks all three of them had successfully avoided Shyam talking them into this.But they all knew it was unavoidable. Today Shyam gave ultimatum to Lata and Lata invited Maya and Manohar for dinner. After dinner Shyam came straight to the point and asked them to be the subject of his experiment. He almost pleaded to them. He had no choice! And Lata thought she had no other choice than to consent. But Maya and Manohar were not thinking on the same lines....
"Tell me something more about this experiment of yours." Manohar was asking. "Is it something like a time machine? Are you going to zoom us in our past? Where we can advice ourselves and change the incidence?"
"No nothing so fancy or nothing so advance at this stage at least. I do not have a time machine. It is just that I am going to observe the thinking waves in your brain and I am going to interfere with their frequency or wavelength or if possible with their strength. After this interference I am going to observe the changes in your thought process."
"Then why you want us to be your subject? And why do you want to change our past incidences?" This time Maya was more curious than Manohar."Oh...well....First I just thought to have fun with you all. just wanted to see how you really feel about life and all. I didn't really intended to ask you to be subject but past two weeks as you all were avoiding to meet me and talk with me I had this idea in my mind. I thought about it a lot. I know all of you from my high school. If something goes wrong with my experiments I will be able to do it right without being harmful to anybody. We would all know about the incidence and the change in that memory. So if I could not get it right again with my experiment we all can make it right with other methods. You know.."
"Can you predict the changes that will occur in our memory?" Lata asked silently. "No I could not predict the changes or the worst what will happen if the experiment goes wrong." The mood in the room had changed drastically. Before it was kind of strained but now it was very sad. "Look now you as well as I know all odds of my experiment. This experiment is really very important to me but I have not thought of so many things before asking you. I am sorry for that. Really I am. "
They all know that this was the end of road for this experiment. " I will think of something different." Shyam was saying. He was not a person to loose hope. But everyone else in that room was thinking their own thoughts. What would they do? They have to help their friend. This could be some new break through in the world of Physics. But would they dare to take the unknown risk? Should they take the unknown risk? They have to find a way soon to help their friend soon. They all watch each other and with one eye contact all three of them said,"We are Ready ti do this Shyam! For you!" But this time Shyam turned to them with a broad smile. "No Guys.No body's doing such a thing! You do not have to take this decision. The decision has already been taken. I am taking the decision to stop this experiment at once!"
The decision taken by each of them was unique in itself!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I am starting to write a science fiction.I am trying to write a big story with the chapters each containing a full story. My first chapter is this....

She sat very disoriented in front of her computer.She wanted to write something....No, She has to write something but...She had an argument with him and now all she could think about was that argument! He never understood her! Nobody had understood her! Does she herself understand her? The question didn't surprise her. Sometimes she didn't understand herself! Before she used to defend herself to others as well as herself. But now a days she did not bother to do that! What difference it would make any way? Blaming any one would not take her anywhere. She couldn't change a thing.
At that instant the phone rang. She ignored it. It ranged for a long time and then stopped. Who was that? She wondered. She must buy an answering machine. The phone started ringing again. It must be someone who know her very well to know that she would be at home this time and just ignoring to answer the phone or someone very desperate to contact her. She had to answer the phone! She started towards the phone reluctantly.
"Hello" She herself could sense the reluctance in her voice. "Hello Maya,I could understand that you didn't want to be disturbed but I needed your help in my project. Could you come immediately to the lab?" "Do I have a choice?" "You always have a choice but I would appreciate it if you could come. Please!" She couldn't refuse Shyam of all people. And this could provide her with the new idea for a story. He had given her so many Ideas... Actually he was the reason for her fame! "OK. I will be there in 15 minutes max!" "Thanks a lot Maya! You will be thankful to me for this opportunity."
Shyam worked at the 'High energy labs' always experimenting.When she reached the lab her speculation was already touching the sky!She went through all the security procedures and entered the lab.One bad decision or she could have been working here with Shyam.In spite of all her efforts she couldn't get reed of that 'Overdressing' mood.Shyam welcomed her with a broad smile. "Thanks a millions Maya!""It better be good!" She responded.He took her to the room situated at the end of corridor. It had a very spooky kind of surroundings as the light was very low due to the thick trees surrounding the building.That part of the building looked neglected.On top of that the room was locked!She had never seen any room locked before in the lab.So many scientists worked there and many research students help them to complete their projects.But still there was no need to lock the doors.Unless..."Why the door is locked?"She asked. "Is this some 'Classified' project?Where you are involving me Shyam?""I will explain to you everything once we are inside."He unlocked the door and went inside.
The room looked ordinary enough.With some big instruments. She thought she had seen these instruments before. One was similar to the nuclear reactor and other was similar to the laser gun. Some mirrors were also there with the solar power batteries.This didn't look so frightening!Without knowing she was holding her breath which she released now with the sign of relief.Shyam laughed!" What were you expecting?"He asked with the smile."Oh! You never fail to surprise me. Any way, what is this all about?"
"I and few of my colleagues are working with the energy conversion for a long time now and we have very nearly converted a mass into energy."Shyam was telling this so lightly....Maya wanted to shake him! That is so great a break thro'. If it was true now a human can travel in the form of energy. Just as it was shown in the science fiction T.V. serial 'Star trek'!Oh my god!! And he was so calm about it! But she had learned not to disturb him while explaining long a go.So she just suppressed her excitement and tried to concentrate on what he was saying!
"Now we are experimenting with the human being.But it is complicated.Human is not only the mass. It's mind played a bigger role in the existence of a human being.The mind or thoughts of the person are very short energy waves.We can change this energy waves as well and due to this Revelation our experiments took a very different turn.So now for that experiments what I wanted you to do is just choose one incidence from your life which you want to change and we will try to change it!"
Maya stood there speechless! Was it a coincidence or a fate?! All morning she had a mood if she could change her life and now this!But Shyam was not finished yet!"Look this is just a experiment. We don't know yet if we succeed and up to what extend we will succeed.May be in reality nothing would change. Or only your thinking about that incidence will change.But it is worth trying. It would give us a great break thro'!"
Maya was not listening.She was busy with her own thoughts.What change would she like to make? Which incidence in life would she change?Would she like to change her husband? No... She can still do it without this experiment. Would she like to change the carrier path she had taken? No... She is living a very comfirtable and stable life now.She would not like to change it for more struggling and hard working life.Would she change her parents to some rich parents....or change the country where she was born ....or...She was trying to figure out what she will change and suddenly she answered,"I don't like to change a thing in my life Shyam!I realised just now that I am quite happy with the life I am living thank you!" She was shocked with the answer she gave but Shyam was laughing! "Welcome to the party! You are the third person to give me that answer.I asked Lata first with the confidence that she will give me the life incidence very easily but she refused.Then I asked Manohar and he refused as well referring me to you with confidence that I will get my incidence from you.But..."
Maya was shocked again!Manoher refused to change his life?Today when they had the argument he yelled at her with top of his voice that he was fade up and he would give anything to change his life from this miserable condition.The ring of mobile brought her back from her shock.It was Manohar."I want to talk to you before.." She stopped him in mid sentence."Don't worry Manohar! Do you know what I have taken the same decision as you have!Don't worry." Shyam was very happy to see the expressions in his best friend's eyes.No experiment yet have given him this satisfaction!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Flower of the day (8-11-09)

I am posting flower photographs after a really very long time! I have spent some time taking pictures to post and now I have armful of them! Enough for few weeks! Here are two of them!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where I have been.....

I am back after a long time! I was having fun in this holiday! I had done some cleaning for Diwali. Then I kept away from this "time consuming box" as my daughter was having her exams.It is such a great distraction for her...Here I must confess that I am so addicted to it that I couldn't quite keep away from it. I just then started using the time I got on Face book to play farm ville and other games! So... All I am doing here is giving some excuses which are not true for my non creative period.
So after Diwali we went to the smashing holiday to Goa! We visited all the beaches had a great swim.Then we enjoyed a sunset cruise on river 'Mandavi'. We tried some adventure sports like para sailing and speed boat ride. We visited some temples, a spice garden and a church! We even got to see some Dolphins! It was a wonderful holiday overall!
Here are some photographs of my holiday for you.
On the left it is a Miramar beach of Panaji. Our Hotel was on the beach itself.

This is the Dolphin we spotted!

This is the "Paradise Boat" on which we danced a lot one evening.

My Para sailing adventure!

This is the 'Saptakotishwar Temple' of lord Shiva. This temple was reconstructed by Shivaji maharaj. The temples in Goa are vast.
This is the church in old Goa.
So now I am back much refreshed and really inspired to write. I hope to see you quite often now!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Indian Dream

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I was very much confused with this subject when I started thinking about writing it! It is so vast subject! What am I going to write? I was thinking about it for whole two days. Yesterday I slept thinking about it only and I had a dream.....

In that dream I was in a room full of people...No...Wait. It was full of many me's. All different creative me's. All me's were busy doing something or other and 'I' me started doing a tour... In dream everything is possible, you see!

First I visited a me who have all different maps of India scattered all over the place. "Indian Dream is not only the dream of Indian people but it can be a dream of some other people as well. We have to take those dreams in consideration as well...." She was saying with feelings. Then she showed me so many maps and explained things about them. It all waved in front of my eyes like this-


I think I missed something she told me about American Indian dream and something else .... But other me's were calling me as well.

The next me was a kind of M.B.A. person. He was making a statistical data with answered questionnaires and all. He had categories like these:-

1) Bollywood stars

2) Hollywood star

3) A Day with a Bollywood star

4) A day with a Hollywood star

5) Becoming a star (Any category from T.V. To films.) or a model

6) Becoming a cricket player of the Indian team

7) A day with a cricketer

8) To be a very rich person a easy way

9) To stay in a very comfortable place where they will get all facilities. Stay in the big cities and metros.

10) Become famous by any means

11) To be happy with family and friend

12) Going abroad for study or service or for staying permanently

Apart from this some weired kind of options were there as well. "These are all the dreams of Indian people. This is what they are taking efforts to achieve. So this is the 'Indian Dream"! Yes this I also got a point. I left her to see the next me.

The third me was having all the photos of reformatories from present and past. He was arranging them with their quotes.

"This is how we should think of the Indian Dream. The Technologically, scientifically, politically ,culturally and economically strong India. India without poverty. India without violence. A self sufficient India. This is what an ideal Indian Dream for all of us. Many in India are still dreaming for such India.

Now actually I saw me writing a post with all this information. Am I really writing this post or am I dreaming? OK. Do not pinch me. I got it. I am really writing this post about my dream of 'THE INDIAN DREAM!'

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Dream

I was sitting idle staring at the water surface. It reminded me of myself! Very cool and calm on the surface but very deep. So many secrets, so many mysteries it must be storing in its depths; no one knew. Suddenly I wanted to throw a stone in that lake to disturb it's calmness...To create some movement. I was looking for the stone when I saw her.

Was she coming to me? Really coming to me?I couldn't believe it! Was I happy to see her coming to me? I didn't know. I was a bit confused about my feelings. She is the only one who knew where to find me and how to find me still I didn't wante her to find me! What an irony.

She seemed very eager to meet me. She was almost running. She was very happy. Her face was looking like a fully bloomed flower with the morning dew. Her eyes were sparkling. If she was happy why is she coming to me? I started to feel very excited. Was she going to disappoint me?

She came near enough and saw my expressions which I was trying to hide.

" I am here to ask that wish you granted me and you don't look happy! Have you changed your mind?"

"Of course not. tell me what do you want and I will fulfill your wish!" I said half heartedly. She stared at me for a long moment then turned away.

She took few steps and then slowly she turned to me again.

"I really want you to fulfill my wish Angel. I would not have come to you otherwise. Trust me." "I trust you completely friend. I am obliged to fulfill your wish. But I started to believe last few weeks that you will never come. I really did not want you to come to me like this! That's all!"

We had known each other only for past three weeks. I was wandering about without aim as usual. My friends and my colleagues had been teasing me for not finding a single person to fulfill his or her wills when they were doing their job overtime.... Never confused or without a client! They teased me all the time. But this time I decided to take their advice. I was going to find at least one person and going to fulfill at least one wish of that person. However foolish and repetitive it might be!

Then I saw her. She was sitting on the bank of my favourite pond. Yes, her face was very familiar as I had seen her many times there.She was sitting very quietly. I went up to her and said "Hello" from behind her. She startled and looked back with shock. She was crying. I saw tears rolling down her cheeks. At that moment I thought I got the person. I felt happy. But I was so wrong.... After a hello, I asked her if she was in trouble and if I could help her in any way. She denied my help point blank and with a very beautiful smile left.

Next day I changed my approach and told her who I was and granted a wish to her. She said,

" I am a non believer! I do not believe in Angels or for that matter in GOD!"

She didn't even ask for a proof! Then I followed her everywhere.... At least to get rid of me she would ask for a wish to be granted. She never asked. She almost convinced me that I was wasting my time on her. She did not have any wish. She was very satisfied with her life as it was. She liked to accept the challenges it offered her. She liked the unpredictability of it. She had all the wish she had completed and now she didn't have any wish left! She even seemed confused about many fulfilled wishes whether hers or someone else's.

We discussed it so many times and in so many different ways that I was convinced that she really wouldn't make a wish to me..... I was happy as I know once a wish was granted it becomes addiction! It never gave satisfaction and joy of accomplishment. She was not that kind of a person. She would take efforts to fulfill her own wish. And still proving me wrong again she was here to make a wish.

"Come on, out with it!" I almost shouted at her! I couldn't take it more...

"I dreamed yesterday night "

"Oh good! So?"

"And I don't remember a thing ! I mean about what I saw in that dream..."

"What connection it had with the wish you wanted to be fulfilled?"

"That's just it! I want you to find out that dream for me.." "What?" I was so shocked by her wish...."I could not do that. But I could give you a new dream if you want."

She looked very disappointed and sad! "I only want that particular dream !"

I was starting to be a bit annoyed! "Why? What was so important about that particular dream?"

"I had a dream after such a long time. I had almost forgotten to dream, how it felt after a dream, what joy we have when we fulfill that dream. That dream was a new identity I had. I had to fulfill that dream. Please help me! Please!!" I was so overwhelmed... I almost started crying with joy. She was really a unique person.

So now a day's we are still looking for that dream of my friend. If you find it please contact me immediately!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Today's Flower (27/9/09)

The two photos today are Hibiscus and Yesterday-Today -Tomorrow flowers.
Look at the three colours of these delicate flowers. These flowers change the colour as they get older...
This Hibiscus flower is double in shape and size. Generally we can see these flowers in India in abundance.They come in many colours as well now a days.Leaves and flowers of this plant are used for the hair treatment.
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Honest Post!!

I had received the award from Shilpa ( Thanks Shilpa!! It is called as:-

The rules and regulations are as follows...

“Honest Scrap” Award, is given by bloggers to other bloggers who express themselves and write/blog from their heart & soul.
List 10 honest things about yourself — and make them interesting, even if you have to dig deep! Pass the award on to 7 bloggers who you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap and whose blogs you find brilliant in design and content.

So now I have to write 10 Honest things about me and I have to make them Interesting as well. How is it possible? See if all producers and directors made an honest movie , what will they be showing? If every writer started writing an honest book, what will they write about?( Can you see how naive I can be sometimes?!) OK. Yes I agree some people have such a life that if they start writing honest things people will be more than interested. But what can a simple middle class (ok. Higher middle class if you like!) house wife can tell in the category "Interesting and Honest "? But I don't want to loose the award as well. (I rarely get them anyway!) So I am going to try hard!

1) I do not have any twin sister or brother, or any lost sister or brother when I was very small. So there is no scope to the unexpected surprises in the family. Even my husband's side there is no chance!! There are people who had mistaken the identity of me and my sisters at time but we had corrected that immediately and if not ;it doesn't matter that way any way!! Oh I have soooo many fantasies about this.... But today I have to be honest so just do not trust anybody in the world who will pretend to be my double!

2) I have lots of potential but I am a very lazy person down to the core. OR Is it I am a very active person but I do not have any potential. I am a bit confused here. I guess you have to pick up the right honest thing. All the best to you :-)
3)I do not like to lie. Not even "naro va kunjaro va" types of lie. Yes I do believe that lying for right thing is not a bad thing but... What to do? Woman's nature!! I can not keep anything secret for long time and it comes out at the wrong time and wrong place!! So it is better for me and people around me that I should not lie and keep anything secret!

4) I am a fun loving lady. I make fun of others and even of myself. I fool around and laugh a lot . But there is a limit to all that and I am kind of very serious after that. But I could not define that limit even to myself. So everybody around me are very confused. I am also very confused...

5) Many times I cry while watching a movie or a T.V. daily drama. If tears don't come while watching very sentimental scene I kind of feel disturbed and try to justify my behavior to myself.

6) There is nothing in the world which I don't like. I like dancing, drawing, painting, singing, watching movies, watching daily soaps, travelling, talking, making friends writing, reading, teaching. Everything! So I am a very busy kind of person.

7) No wait... I don't like cooking, tidying up the house,washing clothes and utensils all that much!

8) I start arguments on any subject any time. I love to argue. In that I do not get easily defeated. Many times all call me a quarreling menace! I love that name too.

9) I like everybody to call me a simple sweet girl. What if they have to lie about it! But nobody calls me that and I feel really sad about it sometimes. It is fun to be called simple and sweet!!

10) I hate to talk about myself! Oh I mean why to praise myself that much? Actually others should do that! I like others to talk about me. Of course good things only. (At least on the face!! )
There you go.....Now I know why Shilpa is called "tag queen'! :-)

So after writing these 10 "Interesting honest things" I have got this award and I am entitled to pass on this award to my fellow bloggers! They are...

1) IP i.e.Indian Pandit @ (

2)Shankar @ (

3) Shruti @ (

4) Guria @(

5) Sid @ (

6) Vineeta @ (

7) Suga @ (

I have some other awards to give as well .

Thanks to Bharati ( gave me award of : thoughtful blogger.

I like to give this award to- 1) Shilpa Garge (

2) Vipul Grover (

3) Pawan (

4) Govind(

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6) Kaka ( and

7) Neeraj (

Thanks to IP ( , Shruti ( and Sojo ( I have the award :-

I would like to give this award to - 1) Babli (

2) Satish (

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I got this award from Shruti ( Thank you Shruti.

I will like to give this award to 1) Sojo (

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Thanks to Nishi (!!

I would like to give this award to 1) Bharati (
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That's all !! Thank you for your patience people!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

55 Fiction (19/9/09) POSSIBILITY

55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. For more information check(


The night was cool. Breeze was blowing sweet smell of flowers in air. Faint sound of radio playing somewhere made atmosphere romantic.

She was sitting alone. She felt lonely. Loneliness brought anger. She has to do it! No other choice was there...She went to kitchen. She chose the sharpest knife and.............................

.......................................................started making dinner!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everything about Faith...

Today I am going to write about the book "Acts Of Faith" By "Eric Segal". At the back page of the book it says

Acts Of Love

They met as children, innocents from two different worlds. And from that moment their lives were fated to be forever entwined. The unforgettable story of three extraordinary lives... and one forbidden love.

The three characters are Timothy, Daniel and Deborah. The book is written in the form of 'self narration' by all three of them. I liked this style of writing as it gives all characters different perspective. Writing for oneself and giving opinion about others gives us kind of broad outlook for the characters. It also shows us different angles of same happening! So I think it is very difficult to write in this style. Erich Segal had given justice to all the three characters.

The book impressed me from it's first page. After the dedication page, he had quoted a verse by St. Augustine, Confessions X.27:-

"Too late came I to love you, O Beauty both so ancient and so new! Too late came I to love you - and behold you were within me all the time..."

This verse shows you the depth of the story you are about to read.

This story gives us in detailed description of these three lives, the twists and turns in their lives, the small incidences that cast shadows in their lives. The decisions they made in life and how these decisions affected their lives. It gives us all the information about customs and traditions in Jew as well as Christian religion.

All the three characters in this story are strong willed. They are intertwined still they are independent. They all are fighting their own battle of life. They have faith on the religion they are following, on themselves as well as on each other. None of these characters follow the religion as they are told. By customs and tradition. They ask their own questions. They struggle to find their own answers. They make mistakes. They are branded as rebels. But still in the end they all have a winning, satisfying life. May be all the answers they found are not correct. May be some questions were unanswered but still we could not resist being happy for them.

The characters of Daniel and Deborah remind us of our cultural drawbacks some years back.

Daniel: The only son of Rabbi, i.e.Priest of special branch of Jewish religion. He was Born after three sisters so he had burden of his father's expectations. He was in a constant state of anxiety, fearing he might disappoint him in some way. His Papa cast a long shadow over his life. What was innocent for others somehow was regarded as unworthy when it came to him.

First he struggled to satisfy his father's expectations then he came to the conclusion that he couldn't do that and he wanted to live a totally different life. So afterwards he struggled to satisfy expectations of himself!

Deborah: She had a great potential and had restrictions of culture and customs. She was raised to be docile and dutiful - the perfect rabbi's wife. But in the way of love to Timothy she turns rebellious. She made many friends who taught her many intellectual things and changed the way of her life. She became a very learned person. She loved Timothy with all her heart and soul but never expected a life with him as it is the leap of faiths.

Timothy was born angry. He was a son of a mad woman and unknown father. He was raised by his maternal aunt and uncle. All the pain in the childhood turned into the ambition in the youth. He had a dazzling career within the catholic church. After 14 turbulent years he came back to his true love.

Writer has kept the suspense of who might be Timothy's father up to the point that we almost start to panic with him.

Writer keeps us bound to the book many days after we finish reading. This is a really good read.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today's Flower (13-9-09)

Candle Stick


These two pictures are taken when we had gone to the Kerala trip. There we visited so called botanical garden in Thekkadi. I used the words so called because that was not the conventional botanical garden with glass globes and all as we see in foreign countries. It was more like a nursery. They just give you a guided tour with local names of trees and the information they know. They allow you to take pictures. So I do not know the scientific or general names of these flowers! I so wish that we have really good botanical gardens in India soon..

The first picture was taken in Thekkadi and the other one was taken in the back waters of Aleppi. In India we find this Hyacinth almost in every river and pond. Many times it is very annoying as you can not control it's growth. But the purple flowers are so delicate and beautiful...

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Friday, September 11, 2009

55 Fiction # 4 'Crime'


Yesterday his company bagged a prestigious award. Today he got that anonymous Threatening mail...Was it real? Was there a virus in that mail?

In next room, his wife sat with laptop. "Just kidding! Congrats!" She was writing...

Police van came near the house.They were coming to arrest her for the cyber crime!

55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. For more information check(

"A Flower Girl" Rambles.....

Oh my god! Am I really writing this? I am asking this question to myself over and over again!! But I have to write about this to get it out of my system.... I hope you really know what I mean!
It all started in my mind when my blogger friend Shruti ( gave me award and called me "a flower girl"! Thank you Shruti! The tag was kind of surprising! Actually it was shocking!! This very small thing started so many things.... Many memories came flooding back. My thought process wheels started rotating.
My first reaction was I started smiling....then laughing....and I couldn't stop myself!! My feelings were mixed. I was feeling happy, exhilarated, funny, disappointed?! I kind of felt shy as well. How can I face the blogger world with that name!? :-) Then I just remembered my other post where I have quoted that I do not mind anybody calling me anything!!{You can check it out here-What's in the calling....} (Actually there I meant about callings like 'aunt'. But I should be brave enough to accept that for any callings! Whatsoever!!)
I was always a " Tom boy" of my house. Always fighting to my elder sisters and nephews and nieces! Doing all the forbidden things in the house. I was famous as "Zasiki Rani" (the fighting and courageous princess) in school and college. I am not a "worried, too caring" mother as well. My daughter turns out to be 'Tom Boyish' as well. If she sits down quietly I get worried and provoke her! So you see I was surprised, no no, shocked by 'Flower' as well as the 'girl' word!
But I think that is my face in the blogger world! That is how people see me here. I have a Proof! I know always talking about giving proof is not a good thing. But it is not related to you all being not trusting it is about my mind thinking more factually than trusting! You can call me having more scientific mind! Ha...Ha...!
I came across this concept of 'personas' ( in the blog of julochka -The moments of perfect clarity ( ). She had taken the Information from ravi warrier ( )These personas show you your colourful personality on Internet. I checked out my personality here and got this colourful chart -

With the remarks that all your photographs especially flower photographs are beautiful!
So I like my new Identity as a 'Flower Girl". Even if it is not the identity I have in mind. And as I have got it now I do not want to change it either! I am a bit lazy I guess! I have to thank "Today's Flower" ( )for this Identity as well! Thanks a lot to Shruti again!!
Check out your identity on net as well! Do you like it?

P.S.-Do not mind the Label for this post. I am trying to add new colour to the persona band.

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Today's Flower (6-9-09)

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I was not able to post pictures last two weeks as I was busy with Ganesh Utsav (festival) we celebrated at home. I felt so restless! I am Late this time as well but I do not want to miss it! So I am Posting two pictures of flowers here.

This picture is called Holy cross locally. Can you see the bee inside the flower?

This flower is called Dancing Doll! As you can visualise a dancing figure by looking at it so the name is Dancing Doll!

One of the Blogger fiend Arija ( ) told me the names for these flowers. So I am adding them in Here. The first photo is of orchid and the other is a Fuchsia. Thanks Arija for the information!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teacher - Aaj Kal =A blog-a-ton 2 post

This post has been published by me on the occasion of the Teachers' Day as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 2; the second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Hi friends, I am time...I flow continuously. I have witnessed so many things! But I am helpless. No one had been ever so helpless than me! I have to see everything... I can't change things, I can't stop things, I can't alter things. I just have to watch them as they happen! But now I feel I have to do something! So I am here today to discuss , share things with you .

Why today? Today you are celebrating a teacher's day. Teachers are supposed to shape minds of the new generation. So if I have some expectation of change what will be a more suitable day than this day? With great powers comes great responsibility. Teachers have great power over the minds of the children. They get the respect in the minds of students and their parents automatically. So with this power they have a responsibility to bring a change. A great expectation lay upon them!
I have seen changing this occupation continuously. A vast change has occurred from The Guru to a school teacher. This change has occurred in different stages. Sometimes gradually, sometimes abruptly and sometimes very gently. They changed, they evolved but they never became extinct. They were there, they are there and they will be there as long as I exist. I know that they will remain even if some of you believe that in future their place will be taken up by machines.
Even if I have mentioned Guru I am not going that much back today. I will restrict only to the teachers of today! This term 'Teacher' must have started around 1900 AD in India. After East India Company crushed the Freedom Fight of Kings in India in 1857 and established their sovereign empire in India; the concept of schools and schoolteacher caught roots in India.

Prepare yourself for a long journey and come with me to that part of my period. Say you are going in past with the time machine or you are taking a plunge into my memory pensive.
All kinds of restrictions were there. India was reforming. Coming face to face with other cultures. Coming to know many inadequacies in their own culture. They were forced to change the pace, mode of their life very abruptly. They changed really very fast. Many started schools and became teachers with a motive. They wanted to create new generation to fight for their freedom. They wanted to create the new generation with great knowledge to bring about the change and move forward as flawless, strong culture. To achieve this they worked hard and with dedication. They moulded themselves to become ideal personalities in front of their students. They gave everything they possessed to each and every student. As a result, many great personalities with same dedication and idealism were created.
After a generation, India got Independence. Then this new breed of teachers wanted to create a generation who will bring progress and prosperity to the country. Idealism and dedication was there but the intensity was somewhat lost. The Self discipline was somewhat reduced. The demands to have a comfortable life increased. So they created the generation which craved for physical comforts and cushy lifestyle.
The teachers from this new crop were now teaching mostly to a generation born in free India. Many other friends of these teachers who were in other professions were leading a more comfortable life. Many of the teachers were not so by choice but by need. They did not have as much dedication as earlier teachers as they did not have any goal for new generation other than self comfort. They also had many restrictions as parents became more interfering. They had restrictions as there was a set curriculum to teach. They started their own private classes to earn extra money.
Now we have teachers of the generation who are very confused. They haven't seen any ideal personalities. They haven't seen any dedicated personalities. They have some vague ideas about individuality. So these teachers just go to school, teach the students what they have to and come back home. They even don't know the names of students they are teaching. If somebody suggests them even a trivial change, they feel offended. They are generally averse to adapting for the sake of their students. If they do any small thing out of ordinary they become a sensational news. They have to fight for their needs very hard.
Yes, teachers have changed. They are no more responsible for the development of the new generation. But as I see it they have changed as the other people around them have changed. This change was inevitable. This change was not intentional. Think if these generation of teachers started doing the same things as the teachers of the first generation, would that be appreciated? So now you have to change the norms to measure the teachers as well. As a society you have to start thinking of new aspirations and goals. Then only you will get the inspiring teachers to create a new generation.
There were bad people in the first generation of teachers as well. And there are really very good teachers in this generation also. I have seen making them big difference. I have seen them creating history. Now at this point also India is facing a big transformation. So now is the time to think and act. Bring the changes which will bring happiness and prosperity to all of you. I will be very happy to witness that day in my life...

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55 Fiction - IN VAIN!

55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. For more information check(

This is my only third attempt at it!


It was too late. His letter returning Ria's love was in her hands. Her eyes filled with tears. If only the letter had arrived yesterday! Ria would have gone with him. But now she couldn't! That's fate!

After a long wait Ria had gone without him to be a successful woman!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mother Nature

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My small daughter is playing with a big Gorilla statue just like a Tarzan!
For more such images visit (
I love these pictures so much as it is a tour in the memory lane for me!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tag time again...Brand Tag!

I have been tagged by the tag queen Shilpa ( I want to do this tag before others as I don't want to be a copy cat!

The tag is - take any day in your life and chart out the brands you have used.
(after some time....) I have been browsing Internet for downloading Logos and....

Oh my god! I didn't realise how many brands we use every day! There is no chance of repetition!

The brand of washing machine I use is The Microwave we have in our home is
The different household products we use are

The car we have is
The repeated brands are:-

There are so many more I can give here but I do not have that much time (I have been very modest here!) So I will just stop here.

I am inviting all those people who will like to do this tag!