Mother Nature

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My small daughter is playing with a big Gorilla statue just like a Tarzan!
For more such images visit (
I love these pictures so much as it is a tour in the memory lane for me!


homeschoolceo said…
That is really cute :D
{Kiki} said…
she is so adorable, and so small compared to the giant ape. thanks for sharing and happy ATWT. take care.
The Mom Jen said…
That would scare me, LOL. Great shot!
Babli said…
Absolutely wonderful,cute and also amazing. I liked very much.
Rajesh said…
Wow! lovely shot.
Vineeta said…
Whoa! Isn't she scared?!! Good girl :) You have a lovely collection. Keep sharing :) btw.. Thanks for the tag.. will take up this week.
Sat_hi_sh said…
she looks cute :)
Touchwood :)
pra said…
Thanks everyone!
Vineeta :Looking forward to see you fulfiling the Tag!

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