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Life's Choices

"It's not my life! I am living somebody Else's life!" What this line suggests you? What I will be writing around such a line? 1) Some fiction story with memory loss... 2) Fiction about death of a person giving responsibilities of life to someone causing drastic change in his life.... 3) Some kind of a science fiction using non-existent weired ideas of many dimensions.... 4) Some magic or fairy story of the different world containing all different species like vampires, wizards, ghosts, goblins, dragons etc... 5) I can even write a non fiction giving ideas about managing your life successfully by using this Mantra! 6) This will be very ideal opening line for a spiritual book as well... But NO! I am not going to write anything like that. Not at least now in this post. (As all ideas are stored in my brain, I can't guaranty about the next post anyway!) Today I am going to write about some si…