Life's Choices

"It's not my life! I am living somebody Else's life!"
What this line suggests you? What I will be writing around such a line?
1) Some fiction story with memory loss...
2) Fiction about death of a person giving responsibilities of life to someone causing drastic change in his life....
3) Some kind of a science fiction using non-existent weired ideas of many dimensions....
4) Some magic or fairy story of the different world containing all different species like vampires, wizards, ghosts, goblins, dragons etc...
5) I can even write a non fiction giving ideas about managing your life successfully by using this Mantra!
6) This will be very ideal opening line for a spiritual book as well...
But NO! I am not going to write anything like that. Not at least now in this post. (As all ideas are stored in my brain, I can't guaranty about the next post anyway!)
Today I am going to write about some simple facts that I learned about life.
You get the life you deserve. There is no such thing as somebody else's life. Life gives you all the choices to make from time to time. You yourself choose the alternative as per your thinking and your nature. So... The life you get is of your choice and your making!
The situation sometimes compels you to make certain choices which could be seen as fate. But the chances life gives you are designed such that it will give you what you lack in yourself. It will teach you , enrich you with experiences and develop your personality. If you have decided on some path to take in your life and some how you chose the totally different /opposite path, it means you are attracted more towards the life on the other side of the road. You need to get those experiences to enrich your life to the other higher stage of life. All kinds of experiences are necessary in your life.
Yes , I was thinking about my life as somebody else's life. Even now sometimes I feel that this is not my life! But next moment shows me how all the experiences in this life which I chose for myself without planning and knowing why I chose it ; gave me... All the dimensions it had added to my life which I had never thought before that they existed in world...And I will surely give up the life I was thinking I would lead someday! My one lifespan is very short to absorb all those things life is offering me....teaching me! Is this the 'KARMA YOGA' of my own I am experiencing? Or is it the fate I am accepting without complaint and with logic of my own?
Many times I ask question that why was I compelled to make a particular choice and not any other to fate. But I should not be asking this question to the fate,because fate will not answer to me. But if I aks this question to myself then I will get many asnwers to this question which will satisfy my quest.
I am not satisfied with my life yet. I still have some paths I want to take which I don't know if my choices will permit me or not. I might not be satisfied with the life I got with my choices but I am trying to get all I could from them. I know some times I could have made a mistake in making choices but that is what I could have chewed at the time... Other choice could have been something I couldn't have handled and that is what really matters.
Yes...I am happy with my life and my choices as they are now! Aren't you?


Anonymous said…
Great Self portrait. It takes lot of courage to own your own life. To take the whole responsibility of all the choices made. Great. Congrats!
Anonymous said…
I like your way of writing. You have described very differently. I am also happy with my life.
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Darma Yoga said…
Nice Story , I like to read it, thanks....
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Pradip Biswas said…
Your body is just a casing or a set of Indryas for your soul to perform the work it wants to do, the feelings it wants to enjoy. Pls read Sree Gita to know further.
Jhob Kholi said…
Its quite hard to find a good site. And I think I am lucky enough to have come here. The posts are doing great and full of good insights. I would be glad to keep on coming back here to check for updates!

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Gazal Bharadwaj said…
you remind me of dumbledore..
"It is our choices Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
keep writing.

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