One Honest Post!!

I had received the award from Shilpa ( Thanks Shilpa!! It is called as:-

The rules and regulations are as follows...

“Honest Scrap” Award, is given by bloggers to other bloggers who express themselves and write/blog from their heart & soul.
List 10 honest things about yourself — and make them interesting, even if you have to dig deep! Pass the award on to 7 bloggers who you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap and whose blogs you find brilliant in design and content.

So now I have to write 10 Honest things about me and I have to make them Interesting as well. How is it possible? See if all producers and directors made an honest movie , what will they be showing? If every writer started writing an honest book, what will they write about?( Can you see how naive I can be sometimes?!) OK. Yes I agree some people have such a life that if they start writing honest things people will be more than interested. But what can a simple middle class (ok. Higher middle class if you like!) house wife can tell in the category "Interesting and Honest "? But I don't want to loose the award as well. (I rarely get them anyway!) So I am going to try hard!

1) I do not have any twin sister or brother, or any lost sister or brother when I was very small. So there is no scope to the unexpected surprises in the family. Even my husband's side there is no chance!! There are people who had mistaken the identity of me and my sisters at time but we had corrected that immediately and if not ;it doesn't matter that way any way!! Oh I have soooo many fantasies about this.... But today I have to be honest so just do not trust anybody in the world who will pretend to be my double!

2) I have lots of potential but I am a very lazy person down to the core. OR Is it I am a very active person but I do not have any potential. I am a bit confused here. I guess you have to pick up the right honest thing. All the best to you :-)
3)I do not like to lie. Not even "naro va kunjaro va" types of lie. Yes I do believe that lying for right thing is not a bad thing but... What to do? Woman's nature!! I can not keep anything secret for long time and it comes out at the wrong time and wrong place!! So it is better for me and people around me that I should not lie and keep anything secret!

4) I am a fun loving lady. I make fun of others and even of myself. I fool around and laugh a lot . But there is a limit to all that and I am kind of very serious after that. But I could not define that limit even to myself. So everybody around me are very confused. I am also very confused...

5) Many times I cry while watching a movie or a T.V. daily drama. If tears don't come while watching very sentimental scene I kind of feel disturbed and try to justify my behavior to myself.

6) There is nothing in the world which I don't like. I like dancing, drawing, painting, singing, watching movies, watching daily soaps, travelling, talking, making friends writing, reading, teaching. Everything! So I am a very busy kind of person.

7) No wait... I don't like cooking, tidying up the house,washing clothes and utensils all that much!

8) I start arguments on any subject any time. I love to argue. In that I do not get easily defeated. Many times all call me a quarreling menace! I love that name too.

9) I like everybody to call me a simple sweet girl. What if they have to lie about it! But nobody calls me that and I feel really sad about it sometimes. It is fun to be called simple and sweet!!

10) I hate to talk about myself! Oh I mean why to praise myself that much? Actually others should do that! I like others to talk about me. Of course good things only. (At least on the face!! )
There you go.....Now I know why Shilpa is called "tag queen'! :-)

So after writing these 10 "Interesting honest things" I have got this award and I am entitled to pass on this award to my fellow bloggers! They are...

1) IP i.e.Indian Pandit @ (

2)Shankar @ (

3) Shruti @ (

4) Guria @(

5) Sid @ (

6) Vineeta @ (

7) Suga @ (

I have some other awards to give as well .

Thanks to Bharati ( gave me award of : thoughtful blogger.

I like to give this award to- 1) Shilpa Garge (

2) Vipul Grover (

3) Pawan (

4) Govind(

5) Kasabianka girl (

6) Kaka ( and

7) Neeraj (

Thanks to IP ( , Shruti ( and Sojo ( I have the award :-

I would like to give this award to - 1) Babli (

2) Satish (

3) Mia N (

4) Denise (

5) magiceye (

6) Srivastan ( and

7) Sumeet Shah (

I got this award from Shruti ( Thank you Shruti.

I will like to give this award to 1) Sojo (

2)Nishi (

3) Meghana(

4) Pankaja (

5) Kaddu (

6) Soin (


Thanks to Nishi (!!

I would like to give this award to 1) Bharati (
2) Lonely traveller (

3) Crazycris (

4) Avada (

5) Shruti (

6) Ip ( and

7) Sid (

80 Dhiman (

That's all !! Thank you for your patience people!!


Kaka said…
thank you very much pra....:) i am honoured...:) 4.00 am u made my day....:)
Meghana said…
Hey Thanks a tonn Pra for this beautiful award!
Babli said…
Heartiest congratulations to you for your award.
Thank you very much for nominating me for the lovely award.
Denise said…
So many wonderful awards Pra, and very well deserved. You have a wonderful blog. I want to thank you very much for honoring me with one of your awards. That was so very kind of you.
Indian Pundit said…
Good Morning Pra.

What a beautiful morning it is for

Thank u so much for the awards.

Anonymous said…
Wow! Another awards party! Thanks so much :)

Btw, would you like to exchange links with me?
Shruti said…
Raining awards yar!!
Am so happy to receive these two awards! Both are wonderful awards!
Guria said…
Wow! First thing in the morning!!

All thanks to a sweet and simple girl! :D

I can call you that!

Thank you so much again for the award! :)

Sojo Varughese said…
Thank you so much this Pra.
Sojo Varughese said…
And congratulations for winning so many. And I was right - even others notice yours as a thoughtfully written blog :)
Suga said…
Thanksy so much Pra ... m honoured ...
and loved to read ur honesty ... ur cute :)
Anonymous said…
Hi simple and sweet girl :)

Thanks for the award and congrats for getting all those lovely awards!!

Keep writing :)
Anonymous said…
Congratz for all the awards galore :D
Anonymous said…
One more award for me to too !!! Thank you so much :D :D :D
Shankar said…
congrats..and thanks a lot.... for the award...
Srivatsan said…
Hi simple and sweet girl,:)
Thanks for the awards!

I stopped arguing nowadays.Before,i used to argue for hours and people panicked when i started to argue(from politics to friend matters)!But arguing makes one to lose I stopped doing that!:(
Pankaja said…
Hey thanks pra for the award......or shud i say simple and sweet girl with sweet surprises also congrats for your award.
Those were indeed some honest things from ur side. I knw how difficult it gets when u hav to analyse yourself was really true and nice post.
Vipul Grover said…
Hey thnx pra.. now thts a new blog badge award. Will put it up on display nd boast-off straight away:)
BK Chowla said…
Congratulations to you.
I also received this award from Shilpa.
KometKamath said…
thank you veeeeeery Much... award is now right on top of my blog :)
Anonymous said…
yayyy!!! award for me?!! thank soooo much for the award Pra.. and Congrats to you for all the awards!! :) :)
Anonymous said…
Hey I have a tag for you at my site.. take it up if you like it
Sat_hi_sh said…
hEY Thanks a ton yaar :)
Awards are a gr8 source for encouragement :)

congrats on ur awards :)
hope u get lots more :)

keep blogging
lostworld said…
Congratulations !!! You deserve them all.

Liked reading the 10 honest bits about you. Sweet.

Also, I like your name, so unique. What does it mean?
Anonymous said…
Hey I have some surprises for you at my site :)
All good.....but where is the post for "Today's Flowers"? Have you forgotten it? :)
SquirrelQueen said…
Congratulations on all your awards. I was looking for your Today's Flowers post.

Have a great day,
Through Squirrel Eyes
Roshmi Sinha said…
Congratulations and celebrations!!!
Nishant said…
Hey Thanks a tonn Pra for this beautiful award!
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Shilpa Garg said…
Hearty congratulations for all your awards!! Wishing you many more!!
And thanks for the award. Am touched!! :)

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