Today's Flower (13-9-09)

Candle Stick


These two pictures are taken when we had gone to the Kerala trip. There we visited so called botanical garden in Thekkadi. I used the words so called because that was not the conventional botanical garden with glass globes and all as we see in foreign countries. It was more like a nursery. They just give you a guided tour with local names of trees and the information they know. They allow you to take pictures. So I do not know the scientific or general names of these flowers! I so wish that we have really good botanical gardens in India soon..

The first picture was taken in Thekkadi and the other one was taken in the back waters of Aleppi. In India we find this Hyacinth almost in every river and pond. Many times it is very annoying as you can not control it's growth. But the purple flowers are so delicate and beautiful...

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This flowers brought smile on my face as I would visit Thekkadi by end of ths month during my India trip.

Hyacinths are sporadic in their growth that if not controlled they would reign the entire water surface; if u been to Kodaikanal lake, the better half of the lake is filled with this flora :)
Anonymous said…
The flowers are beautiful.... and yes I have seen a lot for Hyacinths in my home state they are plenty in ponds there ...
Sandro said…
As coisas da vida...
Muito bonito aqui!
Babli said…
Very beautiful flowers. I liked the colours very much. Lovely post.
Vineeta said…
Wow! They are beautiful :) How did i miss them on my trip to Kerala??!! Anyways next time I am going to share such beautiful photos :) See you inspired me :)
Denise said…
These are beautiful flowers. Thank you for sharing them. Thank you also for visiting my blog and leaving those kind comments.
pra said…
Thanks lonely traveller. Have you visited allepy? Thekkadi and Allepy both the places are wonderful.
Thanks Dhiman. We can find Hyacinth almost everywhere in India.
Welcome sandro to my blog! Thank you. But the comments in English would help me!
Babli: thnks a lot!
Vineeta: Looking forward to the wonderful photos you are going to post! Do it soon!!
Thanks Denise! Pleasure is all mine really!!
Shruti said…
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We have only seen Hyacinth in cultivation. How nice it will be to see them in the wild.
lostworld said…
First time here ! :)

Such a bright colourful happy blog full of flowers.. This post brought back my memories of Thekkady :)

Are you v fond of photography too? your pics are good.
Anonymous said…
Lovely lovely flowers there :)
Brightens up any day :)
Roshmi Sinha said…
Lovely flowers... indeed! They put a smile to my face :D

The 'Candle Stick' is also called the "Lollipop plant"... and comes in other colours too... orange, reddish, etc. I have them on my terrace garden!

The "water hyacinth" may look nice... but this plant can "kill" the water body. Infact, most of our lakes and ponds are killed by the water hyacinth...
Anonymous said…
Lovely photographs!

After seeing this post, I just could not help pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to you.

Come to my blog and collect it :)

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