"A Flower Girl" Rambles.....

Oh my god! Am I really writing this? I am asking this question to myself over and over again!! But I have to write about this to get it out of my system.... I hope you really know what I mean!
It all started in my mind when my blogger friend Shruti (http://xperiences-in-life.blogspot.com/) gave me award and called me "a flower girl"! Thank you Shruti! The tag was kind of surprising! Actually it was shocking!! This very small thing started so many things.... Many memories came flooding back. My thought process wheels started rotating.
My first reaction was I started smiling....then laughing....and I couldn't stop myself!! My feelings were mixed. I was feeling happy, exhilarated, funny, disappointed?! I kind of felt shy as well. How can I face the blogger world with that name!? :-) Then I just remembered my other post where I have quoted that I do not mind anybody calling me anything!!{You can check it out here-What's in the calling....} (Actually there I meant about callings like 'aunt'. But I should be brave enough to accept that for any callings! Whatsoever!!)
I was always a " Tom boy" of my house. Always fighting to my elder sisters and nephews and nieces! Doing all the forbidden things in the house. I was famous as "Zasiki Rani" (the fighting and courageous princess) in school and college. I am not a "worried, too caring" mother as well. My daughter turns out to be 'Tom Boyish' as well. If she sits down quietly I get worried and provoke her! So you see I was surprised, no no, shocked by 'Flower' as well as the 'girl' word!
But I think that is my face in the blogger world! That is how people see me here. I have a Proof! I know always talking about giving proof is not a good thing. But it is not related to you all being not trusting it is about my mind thinking more factually than trusting! You can call me having more scientific mind! Ha...Ha...!
I came across this concept of 'personas' ( http://personas.media.mit.edu/personasWeb.html) in the blog of julochka -The moments of perfect clarity ( http://julochka.blogspot.com/ ). She had taken the Information from ravi warrier (http://musingsof.raviwarrier.com/2009/08/of-personas-project.html )These personas show you your colourful personality on Internet. I checked out my personality here and got this colourful chart -

With the remarks that all your photographs especially flower photographs are beautiful!
So I like my new Identity as a 'Flower Girl". Even if it is not the identity I have in mind. And as I have got it now I do not want to change it either! I am a bit lazy I guess! I have to thank "Today's Flower" (http://flowersfromtoday.blogspot.com/2009/08/todays-flowers-56.html )for this Identity as well! Thanks a lot to Shruti again!!
Check out your identity on net as well! Do you like it?

P.S.-Do not mind the Label for this post. I am trying to add new colour to the persona band.


Guria said…
Interesting them concept of persona. Will check them out. But before that I need to comment...
I did think you are a "girl" too, and "flower girl", I thought Shruti couldn't have put it better! :P
Though she calls me "the Misfit girl"!! :P

Congrats on the award!! :)
Guria said…
Actually the personality thing will work only when you don't have a common name. Alas! mine is very common, last and first! :D
Sojo Varughese said…
May be people don't have in their mind about us, what we have in our mind about us :)
Shruti said…
The whole post is about the name i gave you!!WOWWW!!!
I feel happy!! not for namesake, but truly from heart!
I think you as a Flower girl!
Why did i call you like that?!

Concept of persona,will check them!!
pra said…
Guria: "A misfit Girl"! I would like to hear about it in detailed from you as well as from Sruti!! Welcome to my blog! How many more persons with same name as you did you find?
Sojo: Welcome to my blog!You are right. It is interasting to find out what others think!
Thank you for visiting and commenting both of you!
shruti:Thanks a lot again! Whatever might be the reason..I got the name and I love it! Thank you!!
Sat_hi_sh said…
Hey congrats on ur award yaar :)
more awards are sure to follow :)

keep blogging :)
pra said…
Thank you Satish! All your comments encourage me a lot!
pranksygang said…
Congrats YaR!! i think you deserve them!
pra said…
Thanks Pranksygang!

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