What's in the calling....

Long time ago Shakespeare said, "What's in the name?" Changing this expression a bit I want to say, "What's in the calling!" But in my experience lots of things depend upon what people call you. I am just stating my experiences. No offence intended. I will not be responsible if I touch any sour part or hurt anybody's ego! (This I must write in the end of this post in very small letters... But that is against my values!)

So I was saying, how do you react if someone, to be precise 'a shopkeeper' or 'a college student' (not so young than you) or your 'colleague' call you uncle or aunt unexpectedly? I want an honest answer! Do not lie. I will detect if you lie.

Oh yes, I know I have to answer that first. And the answer is - I don't mind! Really, I don't mind and I can prove it! Just stay with me till the end of this post.

All this thinking about calling started yesterday when I had gone to the sweet shop. When I entered the shop, one man was paying the shopkeeper and shopkeeper, a young man of 20s called him Uncle. (He was a man of around 40!) He took a big objection to it! He even asked the children who wanted to buy something, to call the shopkeeper grand uncle!! I just kept looking elsewhere to stop myself from laughing in front of him.

In the other incidence, I went shopping with one of my friends. She knew this shop where they sell tops in very reasonable rates. Shopkeeper showed us many tops and started talking about them. He called me Bhabhiji (sister-in-law) and then suddenly stopped and asked if it is ok to call me Bhabhiji? I was a bit confused. I nodded my consent and looked at my friend. She looked a bit embaressed. I came to know the story afterwards. My friend had taken her other friend to the same shop once and the shopkeeper called her aunt! She was so furious with him that she gave a lecture to him for an hour! And did not buy a thing!

One day I was going on my bike and someone called me from behind "Hi Sasubai! (mother-in-law!)" The autowalas in Pune call you anything just to annoy you. Bahenji, Tai (elder sister), Bhabhiji, Aunt etc., is acceptable but Sasubai! That is too much. I was so angry; I just took my bike to the side of the road and looked back, ready to fight! But alas.... It was really my would br son-in -law standing in front of me, very frightened. (Would be son-in -law of my eldest sister! She is 13 years elder than me!! It has to be explained here. Or else you all would call me Dadiji and I will definitely not like that :-) ) Actually he is only 5 years younger than me and he had asked me if he should call me sasubai or something else. But I was insistent that he should call me sasubai only! I used to quarrel with my niece that she should call me aunt! (I was very young and naive that time!) That is why he was teasing me like that! We still laugh at the incidence.

So see I do not mind if anyone calls me anything as I have one grand daughter as well who calls me Aaji (grand mother!)! Isn't it good?!


Hi Pra! nice post indeed. I doubt about my break-point with respect to some college dude in his late teenage calls me uncle (I got offended whilst the friends of my brother-in-law were calling me uncle as I'm at the threshold of early 30s). May be I should grow up :)
pra said…
:-) Thank you for your comments lonely traveler.

I am sure you will grow up after few such encounters!! You need not do anything speical for that...
hahahaha ...
ahahhaha .... i really laughed at Bhabhiji para .... hahah
nice post indeed :)
Anonymous said…
Hehe.. nice post.. that's true it shudnt matter what someone calls us.. I used to get angry when one of my relative asked him daughter to call me aunt :O I was like - what? She is just 5-6 yrs younger to me and I am myself a college going girl :)
Shruti said…
hey pra!
really i like your cool attitude. Like musings of a lonely traveller told, even i ll get angry! But i didn't meet up with any situations like that!!

hey awesome writing!
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Sat_hi_sh said…
i dunno how i will react to these kinda situations bot ur reactions esp the last one was good :D

anyways keep blogging :)

btw check out my new post & leave ur comments yaar :)
pra said…
Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments!
evanescentthoughts : There is nothing wrong in feeling angry! That's the human nature isn't it?!
Shruti: You are the one luky girl so far!:-)
Shruti said…
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Sumeet.Shah said…
Well I have never experienced as such till now!!!!! But I dont think it will matter to me if someone calls me uncle or something on similar lines. HOwever, I wud like to tell u that my childhood frens call me chummi, my college frens call me Sumya/Sumtya. Some call me Neta bcoz i was president of the college during MBA days. My entire family, right from my youngest cousin, my parents to my grand parents call me "bhayyu i/e(bhaiyya)". Not the UP wala bhaiyya. Gud post.. very different and out of box... gud one

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pra said…
Hi Sumeet, Good that you do not have someone calling you uncle! All your names are good! Which one you like the best?(I think it must be neta!)
Thanks for your comment.
I will check your post!
Hi Shruti, One more 55 fiction! I will certainely check it out!
Sumeet.Shah said…
No.... I like it when my frens call me chummi... Its kinda wierd to be called by this name but I am used to it since my childhood and it is so very different.

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