Today's Flower (16/8/09)

Today I am posting pictures of 'Banana Flower'! Click the pictures to enlarge them. In this picture you can see very small Bananas inside the open petal!

These pictures show two different Banana Flowers.

In many parts of India we cook these flowers with spices and herbs to prepare a side dish .

This picture is to add colour to this post.
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Indian Pundit said…
Hello Pra,

Nice pics.

Indian Pundit said…
""In many parts of India we cook these flowers with spices and herbs to prepare a side dish .""

In bengal , people do.

Cheers .
Shruti said…
hey prahansa,
beautiful pictures..

btw,tell me what your name means?

do check out my recent post!

keep smiling!
The M said…
Thanx 4 being a follower of my blog. I hope u enjoy reading it!

Back here in Kerala, we use every single part of the Banana plant:

We use the leaves as one time plates and for packing. Dry leaves r a good manure n used for burning.

There is the inner-most stem of the plant called "pindi" back here. It is also cooked. Plus, it is used in festivals too!

The root is also cooked n eaten!

And not to forget the banana itself. From raw bananas used for cooking, to chips from it, we use it for anything n everything!

And I could go on n on about other parts too!!! But wont bore u n other readers with the huge story!!!


pawan said…
Nice one!
We call the flower as Davva and cook it!
It is damn tasty!
Good article though!
Looks like you are an avid nature lover!
Sara Chapman said…
This is so interesting. My mother used to have a banana plant in South Florida and they were delicious, but I never saw the flower with the tiny bananas. Nice!

Thanks for visiting, too!
Denise said…
Hi Pra, another wonderful series of flowers and so exotic looking, just beautiful! I was very interesting in your last photo where you say you cook the flowers with spices and herbs. This is why I love blogging as you find out all kinds of interesting things. Thank you for sharing in Today's Flowers, thank you also for visiting my blog. Have a great week.
pra said…
Thanks everyone!
IP:We cook it in Maharashtra as well.We use coconut in it.
Shruti: My name means 'to praise'!:-)
Manish: Thanks for all that information. We also cook the raw banana. Ilike reading your blog! Thanks for visiting!
Hi Pawan,Welcome to my blog!Yes I love nature!
Thanks for a visit Sara
Denise:You are right!We get so much information here.I love all the pictures of different flowers so much! Some of them are totally new to me!
Marju said…
Really beautiful flowers!
Rosamaria said…
I think it should be delicious this kind of banana! It's a fruit that I like very much.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good week!
Pra: Those are lovely flowers for sure.
guild-rez said…
Very nice pictures!!
Love Bananas too;)
-Cheers from Canada.
Babli said…
Oh! very beautiful. You have taken lovely shot.
Melissa said…
What a beautiful flower! I will add that as one of the reasons to visit try cooked banana flowers...sounds yummy!
Vineeta said…
Oh I didnt knw that banana flower looks like this! Very good pictures! Thanks for sharing.
Arija said…
There are so many different Banana flowers and they are all beautiful.
Interesting, i did not know that you can eat the banana flowers. thanks for visiting our blog and nice comment.
Shruti said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mon Espace said…
Hey nice shots...something we see everyday has been given that special edge.. :)
Shruti said…
hey prahansa....err....Ms.Praise...
check out my recent 55fiction!! :D
Roshmi Sinha said…
Lovely pics! Thanks for posting...
Mia N said…
Hi Pra,
I have seen bananna plants but never flowers. It's so simple but gives wonderful fruit. Thanks for sharing.
Meghana said…
Nice Pics.Something small for you on my blog.Check!

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