55 Fiction:- THE PRANK

55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

The Prank
They were laughing at Him. Two days he wasted on on shadowing that person. At times He felt his friends were watching Him. He was too excited to be suspicious!
Now He knew 'It' was prank! Great detective He would be!!
That night somebody shot Him.
Now His soul is laughing at his friends.


Vineeta said…
Dark humour I would say! I could actually see the picture when I was reading. Good one! Keep coming such fictions :)
Shankar said…
hey... it was really nice.... good one....pra..
Indian Pundit said…
Hello Pra

Vineeta is right.

Its a dark humour.

Good one.

Cheers now i am gonna read your previous post.
Shruti said…
Hey prahansa
I must say its awesome!!

Sumeet.Shah said…
Yup... Even i cud picturize while reading it!!!!! Gud one...

thanx for visiting ma blog!!! following you
Shruti said…
pra, see my recent post!
pra said…
Thanks everyone!
Hi Sumeet, welcome to simple story!
Thanks for following!
Babli said…
Very nice and lovely post. I liked it very much.
That's unpredictable and a good try; :)
Shruti said…
check out my new post pra.. Its the same 55Fiction :)
pawan said…
Where is the comment I posted earlier :(
Anonymous said…
Hey that was a nice one..
Shruti said…
pra,hi :)
Check out my recent post
Indian Pundit said…
Hello Pra

Check out my blog.
An award is waiting for you.

Shruti said…
Check out my recent post re:)
Singh Amit said…
Hilarious... :)
A gr8 twist in tale..
interesting..... :)

Whats In A Name said…
That was a really good 55 fiction story.

First timer here...
The place is really looks cool...Hope to see you around..

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