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My Best friend...

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I have not being writing for a very long time! And what could be a better opportunity to start writing again than a friendship day? Writing about the person who taught me to read,(Not a,b,c,d... kind! Reading books, understanding books, reading the persons and so on...T hat kind of reading!!) constantly inspired me to write and in a way who is the major influence on me to make me a person I am now!
Many things define one as a person! One of the major things that defined my life is my friendship with Gauri. I am at the stage of life where I do not believe anyone or anything very easily but I do not question them as well... Friendship is very hard to find and impossible to maintain. And I am going to write about the stage when I used to question a lot, believed everything that came my way and made friends with each and …

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A Double Life

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Note- All the characters in this story are fictitious. I have used the names of the fellow bloggers just for fun. No offence meant!

When I started my computer I was shocked to see this image on my screen... What does it mean? This is so typical of Vipul ! He always does that. Some code or the other to decode for everyone else...He so much enjoys pulling legs of others on top of it... But this time he had overdone it! Ok. I am on it! I have to do it before anyone else this time. I was concentrating very hard on it when the phone rang. I didn't hear the noise first then I didn't recognise it. But my brain came to its normal sharpness after a while. I have to answer the phone right now! This has to wait for a bit then...
Vipul.!.. Again so much like him. Disturbing m…