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Friday confession

I am posting on my blog after a long time as my computer was not working for full four days last week and when I could log on there was a huge back log! but now I have caught up with all of you again...

After this very long break I started to think about some way to keep on some regular posts. I immediately started thinking about Friday confession. I had liked the idea instantly when I first saw it on some of these blogs..

So I started writing it and it dawned on me that it is not my cup of tea. I used to write a diary but nobody was allowed to see it without my permission. The thought of somebody reading it used to shake me up to my core. Now after so many years I am able to show it to some selected people but not everyone!

So what's wrong with me? Really don't have guts to show my truth to all people? Or am I afraid to hurt feelings of the others... May be I am scared of myself!! I am not the person I want every body to think I am. And if this truth comes out nobody will like m…

One task completed

I had read about the 'Twilight series' so many times that I decided to read it and bought one copy of the first book. I read about characters, their effect on writers on some of the blogs as well. But somehow I couldn't got started with it. I felt it will be like 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' series. I was fan of that series with Angel as male lead character. I never liked Spike. So what is going to be new? Sometimes it happens with me! I get lazy without any reason. But finally I started reading it and finished it in two days. I finished it on the cloudy evening with a beautiful twilight you rarely find in this part of world! It was a great feeling... most awaited monsoon is coming after a long hot summer, after the pre-monsoon thunderous rain the atmosphere is very clean and fresh and I completed the book long decided...

I liked it! Impossible things you believe to be possible. The emotions are so confusing and strong... not in the same contest of blood thirst and al…

Ocean mania

A colourful sunset on a cloudy day in Kanyakumari, India. A picturesque combination of colours clouds and ocean.

A serene beach in Trivendram, Kerala, India.

The famous monuments in the sea in Kannyakumari, India.

Erosion due to see waves....Harihareshwar, Kokan , Maharashtra, India.

A cruise near Gate-way of India Mumbai.

A Beach in Ganapatipule Kokan Maharashtra India.

Artificial Tri-pods trying to restrict the sea...Mumbai.

A beach of Guhagar Kokan Maharashtra India.This sea is turning out to be dangerous even if it looks innocent due to under currents at low tide...
We all love oceans in the family. Especially me and my husband. Now it is coming down to my daughter as well. We love to watch, visit and swim into the ocean very much. I don't know why we like these things. I tried to analyze this liking once. Ocean's vastness, it's enormous capacity to destruct and at the same time be able to look calm , quiet and harmless attracts me to them.
We visited some beaches in Ind…

Star Trek

The list of movies I really like to see is increasing.I want to see Angels and Damons, Star Trek ,Wolverine etc. (Before this movie I have to see all the other X-men movies I guess!) But as I am trying to find time to see them I am very much lost in the memories of classic star trek series I used to see. That was the first ever series I watched on the idiot box. It used to come every sunday morning. Days of daily soaps had not then started... I was in school. My English was not good enough. (It is still not good enough but it is better than that now!!) But still I used to watct it. (It was more for a show off that I watch English serials and I understand it !!) It was my first sci-fi experience in life. I am very sad because it took almost 14 years of my life to get that experiance! But I am happy for my daughter as she got that experiance very early in her life and at 11 she knows almost everything. From time machine to space-ship and aliens as well.
I am thankful to myself for faith…