Friday confession

I am posting on my blog after a long time as my computer was not working for full four days last week and when I could log on there was a huge back log! but now I have caught up with all of you again...

After this very long break I started to think about some way to keep on some regular posts. I immediately started thinking about Friday confession. I had liked the idea instantly when I first saw it on some of these blogs..

So I started writing it and it dawned on me that it is not my cup of tea. I used to write a diary but nobody was allowed to see it without my permission. The thought of somebody reading it used to shake me up to my core. Now after so many years I am able to show it to some selected people but not everyone!

So what's wrong with me? Really don't have guts to show my truth to all people? Or am I afraid to hurt feelings of the others... May be I am scared of myself!! I am not the person I want every body to think I am. And if this truth comes out nobody will like me. Or may be I am not that straight forward as I think I am! Any way ... what might be the reason no Friday confession is coming from me !!


mkreider said…
In many ways a blog is a mirror of the soul and we may not like everything we see. I think the more honestly we can present ourselves on a blog the happier we will be. We won't have so many private things to hide. Easily said!!

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