Ocean mania

A colourful sunset on a cloudy day in Kanyakumari, India. A picturesque combination of colours clouds and ocean.

A serene beach in Trivendram, Kerala, India.

The famous monuments in the sea in Kannyakumari, India.

Erosion due to see waves....Harihareshwar, Kokan , Maharashtra, India.

A cruise near Gate-way of India Mumbai.

A Beach in Ganapatipule Kokan Maharashtra India.

Artificial Tri-pods trying to restrict the sea...Mumbai.

A beach of Guhagar Kokan Maharashtra India.This sea is turning out to be dangerous even if it looks innocent due to under currents at low tide...
We all love oceans in the family. Especially me and my husband. Now it is coming down to my daughter as well. We love to watch, visit and swim into the ocean very much. I don't know why we like these things. I tried to analyze this liking once. Ocean's vastness, it's enormous capacity to destruct and at the same time be able to look calm , quiet and harmless attracts me to them.
We visited some beaches in India. It just amazes me how human life and culture develops around it. There is so much variety in this life and culture that you don't believe it's the same ocean you are visiting!
I have seen sea in Oban Scotland and Dovar in England and they were totally different than the sea we see in India. The white sand cliffs I have seen in Dover I would never forget. Seeing the 'Under Water World' of Edinburgh was the experience of the lifetime. I was remembering the scene in 20,000 leagues under the sea all day while we were there!


CrazyCris said…
Thanks for participating Pra! Those are some lovely pictures, it's great to be introduced to far away shores!

I've included a link to your piece in the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon post which will be active just past midnight my time (in less than 2h). So all you have left to do is tomorrow come get the link for my post and include it in your piece so your readers will know where to find oceanic posts by other bloggers.

good night!
Lover of Life said…
Hi, I'm visiting from Hear Therre and Everywhere for Ocean's Day. This was great, seeing the oceans from your country. Lovely scenery. Thanks for sharing.
Brian Miller said…
great pics! dropping by for ocean day. loved the last part about your family and passing on the love of the ocean. have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos Pra! I adore the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, ponds...even rain puddles, lol! You're so right about how society and culture develops around them,lovely post!
mkreider said…
Thank you so much for sharing your part of the world. It is a vast and wondrous place! You have photographed and made explanations beautifully.
Each posted photograph captures more than words can easily express. I share your feelings. The sea is majestic and speaks to our hearts and souls. I too, am in celebration today of World Ocean Day. Thank you for bringing me to your shores.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I took part in the Ocean blog-a-thon and dropping by for a visit from HereandThere. Beautiful sunset. Thank you for sharing.
pra said…
Thanks everyone for visiting my post and your sweet comments
Boomka said…
Those monunments look mystical, incredible, almost unreal. Great pictures. I'll get there someday!
pra said…
Thanks Boomka! these monuments are real! The first One is 'Rock memorial of Swami Vivekanand' and the other is 'Statue of Thiruvalluru'

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