8 Marvels - About me!! (Tag)

I have been Tagged by Shruti (http://xperiences-in-life.blogspot.com/ ) to do this tag. I find it a bit difficult to do... So.... Please try to understand all my answers and don't mark me as "failed"!

8 TV SHOWS I LOVE TO WATCH:- Choti bahu, Jyoti, Ye rishta kya kahalata hai, Pavitra rishta, kulavadhu, Kitani muhabbat hai, Tom and Jerry show, Hannah Montana. And Many many more... Why you ask only eight?

8 FAVORITE PLACES TO EAT:- Pizza Hut, Mac Donald, Domino's, Kamat's, Subway, Kobe's, The Grill, Rajdhani. Oh finally I got 8! Actually we do lots of hotelling But after first 3 my list ends! If we are not visiting these three... any hotel will do!

8 THINGS THAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY: 1) It rained very heavily with thunder storm and lightning at 4:30 am and I couldn't sleep!
2) I passed my Driving licence test. So my Husband couldn't sleep! 3)I tried to add 'human award' at the side bar of my Blog, and failed miserably! 4) We started preparation for Ganapati Festival. 5)I went for shopping with my Mother- in-law.
6) I started writing this tag and kept it unfinished. 7) I was not able to write any post OR write any comments on other post as I would have liked to do. 8) My friend (Shankar) suggested brilliant site providing new template to my Blog!

That was tough! I was surprised that finding 8 things happened yesterday would be so hard! Actually my fault. I started with wrong statements. I should have written...I woke up at 4:30 am due to thunderstorm. I brushed my teeth.I drank hot tea. I had a bath ....etc....etc....!

8 THINGS I LOOK FORWARD TO : 1) Driving car very successfully. 2) Reading all the decided books. 3) Enjoying the Ganapati Festival. 4) Completing a story and writing it on the blog. 5) Maintaining my other blog regularly as well, 6) Our vacation to Goa in Diwali vacations 7) Improving my blog to get more followers, 8)Improving my English to write more artistically!
8 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT WINTER : 1)Fresh chilled air,
2)Comforting sunshine in the morning, 3)Nice ;mild days, 4)Holidays we plan as it is most comfortable weather of the year.
5)We can enjoy nice Hot Water baths only in this season,6) Fog, 7)Big festivals and long holidays we get in winter, 8)We can wear fur coats in winter

8 THINGS ON MY WISH LIST: A world tour, A library which provide me with all the books I want at my doorstep,
Publishing a book of my own, My daughter becoming a very successful person in her life, Having a feeling of satisfaction about my life!
After this.....may be A big car, A diamond or gold jewellery, A bigger house....anything!!

8 THINGS AM PASSIONATE ABOUT : reading, writing, singing,
My country, My daughter, My home, painting.

8 WORDS OR PHRASES I USE OFTEN: (Do I have to write this?) Shit, o.k.,yaar, enough (with a naughty daughter I have no other option!), beautiful, NO, yes, fine.

8 THINGS LEARNT FROM PAST : 1) Enjoy life as it is! 2) Do not try to change things forcefully.Give it time. Be patient. 3) Prevention is better than cure. So take your time, think hard ,measure all pros and cons before action. 4) Be yourself. don't take decisions under any body's pressure or in the false idealism. 5) Do not try to sacrifice something very valuable to you for anybody! 6) Every one need their space give it to them. Do not force yourself or your ideas on anybody! 7) Treat yourself and all surrounding you as very special persons. 8) Accept your faults.Then only you can improve them.
L.A, Sydney, Singapore, Himalaya, Nepal, Africa, Dubai.

8 THINGS I CURRENTLY NEED OR WANT:1) Good sleep,2) Time to write,3) confidence to drive car, 4)time to read books I want,
5) Helper to help me with Html codes, 6)Good idea to write 55 fiction,7) 2 more things to add to this list, 8) A Lisa Jackson's book. (There is a long story behind it which I will write in separate

I am Tagging Kaka ( http://kakabelongstojesus.blogspot.com/)
I am inviting everybody who has not being tagged with this tag before to do it!!


Vineeta said…
You know when I saw this tag.. I was thinking god.. so many things to write!! But u kept me hooked till the end :)

And plzzzz.. dont tell me u like all those serials!! Aiyeee I just dont like but everyone else in my family keep watching them :)

And the best lines are "1) It rained very heavily with thunder storm and lightning at 4:30 am and I couldn't sleep!
2) I passed my Driving licence test. So my Husband couldn't sleep! "

I couldn't stop laughing. Tooo good :)

Hope u hv a great time celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi :)

btw.. I have sent u facebook request, hope u dont mind.
Melissa said…
I agree with Vineeta it was very funny! I so need a helper with those darn html codes too! Congratulations on passing your driving test! You'll do well!
Melissa said…
regarding your blogging helper...I found a great website here's the link... http://tips-for-new-bloggers.blogspot.com/ Hope that helps! I know I'll be visiting them a lot!
Kaka said…
well i could help with html codes...:)...wish u a happy ganpati festival...the license thing was a cracker..:P...even i was contacted by someone who said they will provide tamplates for free in return for promoting their company through the blog:)....and thanx for tagging me...:D
KometKamath said…
Hi, I have finally replied to the tag "1 to 10 of my Life"... Long time :)

"8 Marvels" was awesome :)
pra said…
Thanks every one! Vineeta,Thanks for the friend request! I like your twitter sugesion as well. I will do that after next saturday.
Thanks Melissa! I will check all these sites as soon as possible! Kaka I will look forward to your tag. Now you will find me asking so many questions! Thanks a lot!!
Indian Pundit said…
Hhahahaha.........quite funny.....

Still watch Tom and Jerry show, Hannah Montana.......Lol

"I passed my Driving licence test. So my Husband couldn't sleep!"...haha

Really funny.

i will write this tag today.


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