Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince


I have seen this movie on Saturday the 18Th of July.But I was kind of busy reading other reviews...well, I wanted to be perfect in writing this review! I wanted to write my over-all view about HP books and movies together and I was kind of busy to give it a proper time.. I think these many excuses are enough!(That will convince me enough!) Now I will go on with the review...
I kind of liked 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince'!The 'kind of 'represent that I did not completely like it.It is O.K.! I did not like it's end at all.I will rate it as 3.5 stars.I know it is because I have read the book first.So I expected much more from the film, but couldn't help it!
All the new characters-Narcissa Malfoy, Horace Slughorn,Cormac McLaggen,Young voldemort and Lavender are chosen and represented perfectly!I had a habit to compare the description of the character in book and the character in movie.Then I always associate that face with the character. So far they have chosen the star cast wisely. I liked the Dumbledore in first two movies better!

In this movie they have taken all the important incidences from the book with some modifications.The attack on Burrow was only for the 3D Imax effect with no significance.The scene in the cave when they try to get the Horcrux was the best scene in the movie.This movie was successful in creating the merry romantic environment the teenagers experience.

But why did they cut off the fight between the death eaters and the members of Order of Phoenix? Why they have to show Harry just standing there and watching Malfoy or Snape cursing Dumbledore when in book he was wordlessly immobilised under his invisibility clock by Dumbledore! For these two changes I did not like the movie!!
Why a movie based on a book is always unsatisfactory-
There is a huge difference in these two mediums of entertainment.Book is a long story and movie is long story cut short. In book you have to say all the things in words but in movie many things such as visuals, acting, drapery,background,music and even a silence speaks! So you should not compare movies to books.The movies based on the books are always unsatisfactory as it is the view and perspective of story of only a group of people and that could change vastly from person to person.
Many people thought the 3rd movie of Harry Potter i.e.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the best of all.But I did not like the end of that movie as well.In that particular book Harry takes decisions first time in his life.Until this book he was as stranger as all the readers were.But in third part he totally understands his past and takes decisions.In movie all those decisions were taken by Hermione! Why they had to change that part I never understand.

In 5Th book three parallel wars were shown by J.K.One war was with Voldemort, one with Ministry of magic and one Harry fighting with Himself when he sees things from his father's past.The movie was total failure as it never gave that feeling of all three parallel fights.But this is only my view as I feel that is the worst movie of the 6.They should have made 2 films of 5Th book!!(actually from 3rd book only they should have done that!)

All said and done I am eagerly waiting for the 7Th movie!(Are they making 2 movies of the 7Th book?)


Babli said…
I liked your blog very much.I appreciate for your wonderful description with lovely pictures of Harry Potter.I am planning to see Harry Potter which is released few days before.
You are welcome in my blogs-
pra said…
Thanks Babli!
CrazyCris said…
Very complete write-up!

I agree, we shouldn't be comparing books to movies, but it's something we can't help but doing! :p

Yes they are making 2 movies of the final book... the one book that probably could have easily been condensed into a single film! :p
Lee Beth said…
Hello there. I just found your blog and I really like it. I saw harry potter myself. I thought this was a good post. Come check out my blog if you'd like
KometKamath said…
I felt the same as you having watched the movie on a Paid Premier. I too had read all the 7 books, probably that is y I did not like the movie much. And yes, there are 2 movies being directed for the last book.
Shankar said…
wow..i watched this film on first day.....I too liked this film a bit... I never liked the end..it was disastrous... the funeral was missing....I too reviewed this film.. u can take a look at my blog..if u have time...

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