The Shadow

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Cheaper Than Therapy


MommaD said…
I love, love, love this pic. The shadow is beautiful. Happy ATWT
M VERMA said…
Very nice picture.
Wow! so beautiful
Praveen Kurra said…
Dear Mrs.Pra,

Just skimmed through your blog and perceived you have quite some creativity, imagination and expression! Two photographs (The shadow and Reflection) are really to my senses. Well..if you are open for some criticism on your writing, I can give some good inputs;so you make your blog more readable with some style. Back to Orchids,I sniff them again now and recollect my Keukenhoff visit in Netherlands. I do remember..was writing some poetry on every beautiful flower that attracted me. They must be lying somewhere in my laptop. You inspire me to blog!

Best Regards,
divsi said…
very pretty pic:) it says a lot!!:)

thnx for visitin my space n following it:) m glad!!!
Deepika Gupta said…
Self expressive picture.... So natural and cute!
pra said…
Thank you every one you all encourage me so much!
Thank you Praveen. I am open for all the criticism.I belive that it will make my blog better! This is a really good start right away!!

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