The Mask

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Many times we hide behind the mask. Many times we mask our emotions.Many time we show people our mask but real person is some where lost. Mask is a really essential thing in our everyday life. Without it we are lost!
Using a different kind of mask now a days to prevent "swine flue". So couldn't resist the urge to share this picture with all of you!


Remember the movie, The mask...the mask of your life...:D
Or even Scream, a mask played important role there.

Indian Pundit said…
Hi Pra,

"Mask"- a necessary evil.

Vineeta said…
It reminded me of Halloween! I just love to see the masks then :)
Shankar said…
yes..u are perfectly correct..we need to wear several masks from time to time to prove ourselves worthy and good before this world..I am trying to avoid these masks..I prefer to be myself and I will soon achieve it too...
Shankar said…
hey u have been tagged..please check my latest post....
KometKamath said…
Is that the infamous N95 :)
Pradip Biswas said…
We all civilised persons use masks visble and invisible both. But now all categories are using a 'Mask' for this swine flu. Now that is a swear before going out.
Thank you for visiting my blog and considerin me to foolow my blog. Your comments are very much encouraging for me.
Denise said…
They say we wear several different masks depending on the company we are in. We were the mask of a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, etc., but hopefully we are still the same person and I agree with Shankir, I prefer to be myself and the older I get I think I finally am.
Melissa said…
It's unfortunate, but our computers are our masks in the blogging world. Thanks so much for visiting us at !!! I will be visiting again and take care!
Happy Indi Day :)

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan hehe :)

Shruti said…
How true your words are!!
We do hide all our feelings,emotions within ourselves!
Keep smiling!

Am a first visitor of this blog! Will visit again!
Shruti said…
am following you now :)
pra said…
Sid: I love both the movies and the masks in them.I hope we don't ever need the Scream style mask ever...
Thanks IP.You are right.They are evils but sometimes they save the situation.
Thank you Vineeta and welcome to 'Simple Story'
I will like to do that as well Shankar and Denise but sometimes I fail to be myself so miserably!!
I did not get thatN95 to protect myself so getting it's pic is impossible :-)
pra said…
You are right Mellisa...Thank you for visiting!!
Pradeep I hate to wear the mask as well...But no other option.Thank you for visiting! I have to read all your adventures to comment on them. I will do it very soon!
pra said…
Thank you Magiceye!
Thank you Shruti and welcome to my blog!

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