Tag time again...Brand Tag!

I have been tagged by the tag queen Shilpa (http://shilpaagarg.blogspot.com/) I want to do this tag before others as I don't want to be a copy cat!

The tag is - take any day in your life and chart out the brands you have used.
(after some time....) I have been browsing Internet for downloading Logos and....

Oh my god! I didn't realise how many brands we use every day! There is no chance of repetition!

The brand of washing machine I use is The Microwave we have in our home is
The different household products we use are

The car we have is
The repeated brands are:-

There are so many more I can give here but I do not have that much time (I have been very modest here!) So I will just stop here.

I am inviting all those people who will like to do this tag!


Kaka said…
i am yet to do ur earlier tag...i will do it as soon as possible...thanx for tagging...:)....nice tag btw..:)
pra said…
Thanks Kaka. I will look forward to your un-tagging!
Shankar said…
i too did the tag..nie brands..check out mine too...
Sat_hi_sh said…
nice tag yaar :)
more or less the same products i use :)

keep blogging :)
Anonymous said…
You have done it very nicely...

pranksygang said…
Hey even i have ifb washing machine!! i think we all are in one circle! even im tagged with the same!
pra said…
Thanks Shankar and Satish!
Shilpa and Pranksygang: Welcome to my blog!
pranksy:Yes we do move in the same circle around here!

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