Where I have been.....

I am back after a long time! I was having fun in this holiday! I had done some cleaning for Diwali. Then I kept away from this "time consuming box" as my daughter was having her exams.It is such a great distraction for her...Here I must confess that I am so addicted to it that I couldn't quite keep away from it. I just then started using the time I got on Face book to play farm ville and other games! So... All I am doing here is giving some excuses which are not true for my non creative period.
So after Diwali we went to the smashing holiday to Goa! We visited all the beaches had a great swim.Then we enjoyed a sunset cruise on river 'Mandavi'. We tried some adventure sports like para sailing and speed boat ride. We visited some temples, a spice garden and a church! We even got to see some Dolphins! It was a wonderful holiday overall!
Here are some photographs of my holiday for you.
On the left it is a Miramar beach of Panaji. Our Hotel was on the beach itself.

This is the Dolphin we spotted!

This is the "Paradise Boat" on which we danced a lot one evening.

My Para sailing adventure!

This is the 'Saptakotishwar Temple' of lord Shiva. This temple was reconstructed by Shivaji maharaj. The temples in Goa are vast.
This is the church in old Goa.
So now I am back much refreshed and really inspired to write. I hope to see you quite often now!!


neeraj said…
That must be an Amazing trip! I love beaches and sea! :)
Anonymous said…
Good to see you back :D ... Gr8 that you had great fun at Goa... I was very close to Goa but couldn't go just as we didn't time but would like to go for sure
BK Chowla said…
An ideal place for family holidays.It seems you had a good holiday.
Hope to see you with your regular posts.
Shankar said…
wow..goa is a very ncie place.. nice pics.. good to have you back...
chitz said…
nice pics..i am sorry but,where r the dolphins??
hey thats an amazing trip...u went to my hometown... my house is near the church.
pawan said…
There is nothing like a trip to Goa!
Glad that you are back!

Vineeta said…
hey hi Pra!! I too was away for a long long time! Its like coming back to normal life :) Sticking always to internet, blogging, farmville and we call this normal life!! hehehe!

btw.. really nice snaps! I will contact u again in case if I plan a trip to Goa :)
Sat_hi_sh said…
Hey where are the Dolphins ????
Anyways the pics are nice....

keep blogging
pra said…
thanks everyone!It's good to be back!
chit'z and Satish- The black spot in the sea is the fin of the dolphin.They are not trained so it's very hard to capture them!
Sid Goa is a really nice place!you have a nice home town!!Lucky you!
Dhiman-We were also planning to go to Goa for a long time and finally made it! You should do it soon!As Chowlaji said it is a really nice destination for family holiday!
Rohini Prasanth said…
Hey Pra.. What a wonderful way to spend holidays wiht your family..

call me crazy... but I liked your parasailing pic the most. Want to do it some time..

Is it just me or what.. somehow some of your pics got cut in quarter in the post. just wanted to let you know..

Glad you had fun! Enjoy!
Roshmi Sinha said…
Welcome back! :)

Great pics and good to know you had a good... nay great time :)

But isn't Goa a bit too crowded these days... ???
Sanand said…
Sounds like you had a great trip. I've always wanted to take my three year old son to Goa but had to keep putting it off due to work. This post reminds me that I better not lose time in doing that.

Thanks for sharing!
Inty swetha said…
nice photos!! i would love to fly one day just like that :)
Unknown said…
Its supper awesome place to go for trip..thanks

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