This is the second chapter of my Science fiction. I hope you will like it!

"Come on Guys, Please!Think about it again! I beg of you!" Shyam was at the point of break down. Lata could not take it any more! "OK Shyam I am ready to do it!" "What?!" Four voices said in unison. Two openly , one ; her own, in secret of her mind in great astonishment and one in pure joy! If she would be allowed to do some child's play she would say 'jinx' and nobody would able to say a thing till she want them to and say their name three times....For once she could talked and would be listened to without disturbance; or she would beat them. She couldn't stop laughing at the idea!
"Lata! What are you laughing at? Are you with us at all?" Maya's agitated voice brought her again in the present.In their dining room.
For past two weeks all three of them had successfully avoided Shyam talking them into this.But they all knew it was unavoidable. Today Shyam gave ultimatum to Lata and Lata invited Maya and Manohar for dinner. After dinner Shyam came straight to the point and asked them to be the subject of his experiment. He almost pleaded to them. He had no choice! And Lata thought she had no other choice than to consent. But Maya and Manohar were not thinking on the same lines....
"Tell me something more about this experiment of yours." Manohar was asking. "Is it something like a time machine? Are you going to zoom us in our past? Where we can advice ourselves and change the incidence?"
"No nothing so fancy or nothing so advance at this stage at least. I do not have a time machine. It is just that I am going to observe the thinking waves in your brain and I am going to interfere with their frequency or wavelength or if possible with their strength. After this interference I am going to observe the changes in your thought process."
"Then why you want us to be your subject? And why do you want to change our past incidences?" This time Maya was more curious than Manohar."Oh...well....First I just thought to have fun with you all. just wanted to see how you really feel about life and all. I didn't really intended to ask you to be subject but past two weeks as you all were avoiding to meet me and talk with me I had this idea in my mind. I thought about it a lot. I know all of you from my high school. If something goes wrong with my experiments I will be able to do it right without being harmful to anybody. We would all know about the incidence and the change in that memory. So if I could not get it right again with my experiment we all can make it right with other methods. You know.."
"Can you predict the changes that will occur in our memory?" Lata asked silently. "No I could not predict the changes or the worst what will happen if the experiment goes wrong." The mood in the room had changed drastically. Before it was kind of strained but now it was very sad. "Look now you as well as I know all odds of my experiment. This experiment is really very important to me but I have not thought of so many things before asking you. I am sorry for that. Really I am. "
They all know that this was the end of road for this experiment. " I will think of something different." Shyam was saying. He was not a person to loose hope. But everyone else in that room was thinking their own thoughts. What would they do? They have to help their friend. This could be some new break through in the world of Physics. But would they dare to take the unknown risk? Should they take the unknown risk? They have to find a way soon to help their friend soon. They all watch each other and with one eye contact all three of them said,"We are Ready ti do this Shyam! For you!" But this time Shyam turned to them with a broad smile. "No Guys.No body's doing such a thing! You do not have to take this decision. The decision has already been taken. I am taking the decision to stop this experiment at once!"
The decision taken by each of them was unique in itself!


Ravan said…
hey the story sounds interesting r u like gonna publish it??

I am also looking for someone to publish my story...check out its preview chapters morrow..

and hey this is a really nice narration here, kinda gripping!!!
pra said…
Thanks Sid!! Hmm.. I haven't thought about it really!
Anonymous said…
Well Pra you have started with two gripping chapters .... start is nice...actually the second chapter has left me looking for more...good narration....
pra said…
Thanks Dhiman!
Anonymous said…
Wow..the story is taking interesting turns..I feel you should think about publishing this story! It's very different and nice
Hi Prashansa, Thanks for adding me as a friend. This is my first non Blog-a-ton visit to your blog.

Nice story, I'll return later to check out the first chapter..

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