Why I have started this blog

I am a housewife.....still I am writing this blog! My life is pretty ordinary.No big changes....no big stories....no secrets....Not even a desperation!!!(I am not a desperate kind of housewife!) In a way I am happy and satisfied with my life.But many times I review my life and think about the decisions I have taken....Many times I feel,if I have taken a different decision my life could have taken a different turn...
I like reading and writing.One day I came across a nice science fiction story where there was a concept of parallel worlds....and parallel life...Then I decided to write my life...Actual and in parallel world!!!!!!!!! That is why I have started this blog!Online I am reliving my life;two ways!May be many of people out there want to do the same thing!Or may be they are doing it already!


Chaitrali said…
Good start!! Looking forward to more. Will like to start myself, ata velach nahi milate pan.. maybe later. Keep going :)
pra said…
thank you! I am waiting to see your blog!!

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