My Parallel Worlds

I always find myself drowned in books or movies or T.V.serials....I kind of create my own world there.I like some characters,and I hate few!I like someone to win and someone to lose!Then I kind of try and copy few behaviors that suit my character...Do you think it is a madness?
I think everybody does that a bit!That is why the topics like magic,fiction etc are so popular....Even surfing the net is living different life....and it is also Soooo popular....Everybody wants to live a different life than he or she is living and that is where a parallel world is born!
WE dream,we fantasise,we think.....And sometimes it comes true in reality.....Or we keep on thinking If only I have behaved differently it would have been different.....If only we can go back in time ;change decisions ;and see the results...and then choose....


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