Imagine a future world!!!!

How the future world will be like? There are so many science fiction stories and movies around....Will the future world have all those things? Which movie do you think will be most practical ?
1) The fifth element
2)The terminator OR
3) star wars ?
In Harry Potter series J.K.Rowling had imagined a parallel magical witch and wizard world. DO you think it exist?Or it will be there in future?A Parallel world of people having extra power....Having some special gifts from science!!
I am a Physics double graduate person.We had a subject called Quantum Mechanics in our T.Y.Our sir use to tell us lot of stories to make that boring subject interesting.Once while talking about star trek serial he said that "If matter and energy are inter convertible then with the use of Quantum Mechanics you can prove that man can be transported from one place to other in the form of energy...just shown in the star trek.I am mentioning this because two days back I have seen a article where they have developed a device which can convert excess mechanical energy produced while walking into electricity! So what will be next step? Will it be conversion of matter into electricity and trying it on mankind! It is a science fiction come true!


B said…
You've probably seen the TV series Heroes? I'm convinced people with abilities or powers exist or will exist in the future. The series makes it sound so real and based in science... Probably not, but one can dream. What do you think?

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