My new resolution

I started this blog out of curiosity. To learn something more about computers. I have done my B.Sc.(physics)with special subject as computer science. I have learned "FORTRON" and "COBOL" at that time (and we had known immediately that they were useless ! That was time of C++ ,Oracle etc.) So to keep myself in touch and giving some illusions to myself of doing something new, I started this blog. Thank god for that!

Then one of my M.Sc. classmate met me on orkut and came to know about my blog. I don't know whether he really followed what I am doing with my blog or not ,but from time to time he kept on asking questions about it and fuelled my curiosity. Now thanks to him I have discovered a true joy of the blogging! (I am personally going to thank him on orkut but before that I am going to check if he really followed what I am writing on the blog!) I have discovered a whole new world for myself! I am following many blogs now which are giving me some beautiful information about life. It gave me the new hope, a new light to find myself over again, a new spectacle to see myself through it.

So now I have made a resolution to write 'a post - a day' on my blog. May be I am expecting a little too much from myself but I am going to try hard. Let us see how much of my resolutions I can fulfill! (I am crossing my fingers for it.) I need expert opinion and help from my husband but he is willingly and generously giving it!


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