Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

Last Saturday we went to see this movie. I wanted to see Bolt or Ice Age 3. But we were late for Bolt as there was no show and my husband refused to go to Ice Age! So we saw 'Transformers' on the second day of it's release.

Yes it is a good movie. I will rate it to three stars. It is faster than the first one . (Which we saw again after coming back...) They have retained the star cast so you get related with the characters immediately. The graphic effects and photography is superb! Story line is also good. What I liked the most about the movie is it maintains a soft humour through out the movie even if it is an action movie and it won't seem out of place at all.

I will not say that it is some extra ordinary good movie but 'Transformer 1 'also didn't fit in that title. So it is a very good sequel nonetheless! The transformation of cars into AutoBots is spectacular!! I like Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee the most. Formation of The Big Destructive Transformer that goes to destroy the Pyramid is also very good. This movie gives you the feeling we are not alone and we are really too small for the world around us. Now I will see each car with suspicion just like I felt that people around us could actually be Aliens residing on earth as in the movie "MIB".

I have read about the idea that pyramids are not human and they are built by the aliens. I think this same idea was used in the movie "The Fifth Element" so that was not the original idea. But it fitted in the story perfectly. I liked the statement-"Matrix is not supposed to be found. It needs to be earned."And yes we humans have fighting spirit and we deserve to live!!


jiggins said…
I still haven't seen Transformers 2.. it i was on my Summer list.. but I skipped it. I wasn't satisfied with the first version, and after so many (count 20) years of waiting for a quality Transformers movie.. I was just a bit let down. I will see it.. even if it has been out for weeks here. Glad you liked it. (I loved Fifth Element)
Anonymous said…
I liked Transformers...Bumble bee was my favourite...Haven't watched Transformers 2..but I plan to soon.

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