Some pictures of Monsoon...(The rainy season)

You can see rainbow many times in this season.

When excess rain falls; Mula river overflows to bring floods up to the gate of our society!

These are the Lily flowers blossomed in my balcony.... A sight for sour eyes in rainy season...

This is how it looks like when the wind blows away clouds, sky clears and rain disappears...

It is the view after plenty of rain washes the environment! It feels very clean and very very green.....


CrazyCris said…
Those must be some amazing rain falls to live through!

And green, green is nice! Pity we need all that rain to get some green... :p
jiggins said…
I'll tell yo.. Monsoon season look hefty.. but the images from the season are beautiful!

Join me over at Splitting Tens .. it is where I blog the most these days! Hope to see you there!

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