Terminator Salvation

Terminator salvation-the 4Th movie of the series of terminator movies released in India last Friday and we went to see it on Saturday। It was not that successful at the box office at least in Pune! But I liked the movie very much। Even if it the the 4Th movie it had a strong story line, fast pace and good action! It never contradicts with the earlier moviews and with all that, it has its own moments as well. You get scared when machines (different from all earlier movies) attack and carry human prisoners, you get thrilled when John Conner appeals everybody to give him time and goes in enemy camp to save his future father and there is a very good mystery about Marcus... half machine half man as well! All in all I liked the movie and I certainly give it two thumbs up! But I have hell of time afterwords explaining my 11 year old daughter about John Conner's would be father whom he sent himself in past!! After many sincere efforts by me she took pity on me and gave up saying that although she didn't understand the movie fully she liked it as well!! (Now what she liked about it that you have to ask her as I don't dare......) So even if it is not a comedy we had a good laugh in the end!


jiggins said…
This movie was the first movie I can ever remember walking out of. I disliked it so much.
pra said…
yes I know the feeling. This is kind of movie you either love or hate! No intermidiate feelings...

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