The Mirror

I am writing this post after a long time. I have changed the picture on my profile as well... Want to know WHY? Then you have to be patient and read on... I can give any no. of excuses for not writing so long. But the real reason was I needed time. I needed to think badly about my writing and what I really wanted to do with my blog! When I started blogging I was thrilled. I learned and experienced so many things in such a short period of time. I started writing in new formats like 55 fiction, tags etc. I started to write witty remarks and made so many friends! But somehow in the process I lost myself! Blogging is very addictive. You have to write everyday. The pressure of writing, to be read and to get lots of comments is tremendous. Yet you have to write creatively. You have to produce new ideas and most of all you have to satisfy yourself with it! Which I lost completely. I was really very unhappy with my writing. It didn't feel like my passion to me anymore. So I stopped writing a Blog. Today I changed the picture to a mirror. I feel my writing is like mirror to me.
It shows me my real image. Sometimes ugly...
sometimes beautiful
sometimes even illusive or misguided.....
but still it is me! Different, expansive virtual me!
So now I am going to write this blog with different perspective and with more knowledgeable; mature mind! It is going to be my mirror as I like it to be. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I!


Anonymous said…
welcome back pra! and all the best for the new start.
Rohini Prasanth said…
welcome back pra!

I totally understand what you say. this blogging world is unrelenting. you can lose yourself here. but you also can forge beautiful friendships. its all about you. you don't have to write everyday. write only when, what and however you feel like. hope you enjoy this new ride.
Shilpa Garg said…
Welcome back, Pra!!
And good to see you here at this space. Well, you dont have to write daily! Write whenever you feel like, but yes, its a demanding world out here in the blogosphere!!
Wishing you the very best!
Cheers :)
pra said…
Thanks Shilpa Rohini and Shilpa!
Anonymous said…
I like your new format. Really this is a different article. I am expecting more different information from your post. Keep on posting.
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ashok said…
Great blogging...keep it up!

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