Our own world

While living a very ordinary life I have seen so many different people around.Each one very special... each one imagining and creating their own world!!! they create these worlds with their beliefs ,their idealism ,their peculiar nature and their hobbies as well.....
I have my own world as well.....when I was young ; I have seen so many dreams ...and I have believed in fulfilling them! But as the time passed I realised that many of them are not going to fulfill.When my belief starts failing me I listen to all that song I used to listen while dreaming....they give me strength I need to see more dreams and for trying to fulfill them...At least my self belief returns!
I become fan of many writers,R.J.s,leaders,personalities,movie and T.V.stars. Even characters in books.Then I create my own new world around them. It gives me so much pleasure to imagine and even sometimes create some events around them..I write then and experiment with emotions that well up within me. That is my own world! Only my world !! I enjoy being there immensely!!


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