Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Double Life

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Note- All the characters in this story are fictitious. I have used the names of the fellow bloggers just for fun. No offence meant!

When I started my computer I was shocked to see this image on my screen... What does it mean? This is so typical of Vipul ! He always does that. Some code or the other to decode for everyone else...He so much enjoys pulling legs of others on top of it... But this time he had overdone it! Ok. I am on it! I have to do it before anyone else this time. I was concentrating very hard on it when the phone rang. I didn't hear the noise first then I didn't recognise it. But my brain came to its normal sharpness after a while. I have to answer the phone right now! This has to wait for a bit then...

Vipul.!.. Again so much like him. Disturbing me knowing that I must be working on the given task. "How dare you disturb me this hour..." I almost barked in the phone but I was in for the surprise again. It was not Vipul! It was his girlfriend calling to know about the whereabouts of Vipul. Vipul is missing from yesterday night! Where the hell was he? I stared blankly at my screen. It dawn to me suddenely! This is the last message of Vipul. Had he tried to tell us something thro' this? I had to talk to Pawan about it or consult Sid! They were the experts of such kind of things. Suddenely the image became so much more important!

This all started about six months back. Vipul was the master mind behind this all. He started a society called Messengers. We all were members of this society. It was just for fun. we wrote messages in different codes to each others and then decoded it. But after sometime it became an obsession. Number of members kept on increasing steadily. Codes became more and more complecated. And now this... What the hell was happening? I called Pawan and Sid and asked them to come over my place. I called Shilpa as well....We might need one cool analyser and a person with great resources... What exactly did Vipul want us to think about this image?

I glanced on the notes I have written down about the image. 1) Things - Table, chair, pen , pencil (large?) 2) Colours - Red, pink, black, yellow 3) Mood of the picture - Thinking , writing , confessing.... May be showing three steps of life? This image is showing something loud and clear... It was very simple but I was a bit confused about it! Why? Any way I was ready with my explanation when the other three arrived.

All three of them were looking so tired. They were trying out different possibilities from last night. Oh my... I was the laziest member of our society then... I was so ashamed of myself that I made coffee for them all and tried to concentrate on what explanation they had for the image. Besides all my points shilpa had analysed all shapes in the image as well. Pawan was talking about the prominent bloody red colour in the image. Sid has declared himself as a detective recentely so he was talking about the suspecious members of our society for whom we had secret names and codes. He started matching those names with the image.....This was a bit complecated than I had thought.

That sence of "It's so simple" was nagging me still. Two months back one senior police officer had aproached Vipul about the case.... I talked for the first time and just asked Shilpa if she had a phone no. of that officer with her. All three of them stared at me like I was an Alien and it just dawned on them like me. We dialed the no. with the speaker phone mode and when somebody answered it we asked for the Vipul holding our breaths without knowing it. "Hello?" familiar voice answered us and we relised our breaths with the joy cries. Vipul was expecting our call!!

What? You still didn't get it? Vipul has landed a job of decoder for the government of India. He was recruting for some members from his sosciety before closing it down for ever. Something that had started as fun has turned out to be a larger than life before it turned out to be something horrible as we all have started to fear..... Now we all are living a double life with all the colours in the image showing our personalities. Want to join in? Wait for the next image and let us see if you can decode it to the satisfaction of our team members....

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