Saturday, December 5, 2009

All in a Day's work

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I usually woke up at 6:00 o'clock in the morning. Actually I set a alarm for 5:30 with the snooze of 10 minutes! So after two snoozes I wake up at the third snooze...Oh what a heavenly feeling my mind feels when I get that extra 30 minutes sleep! Yes sometimes I press wrong keys and the snooze alarm turns off...Then I have to rush through my work like a rocket but still, 'that 30 minutes' sleep and 'that heavenly feeling 'worth ed more such havoc mornings! I love these mornings as well for they show the signs of aliveness present deep inside me. I have to find out the recipes which are fastest,I could find out how fast my child can cope with the situation without complaint and how much my husband is capable of helping me if the time comes...

My daughter has that same habit of sleeping just for 5 minutes more...I usually get so much annoyed with her for that but sometimes a morning comes when I realise that she is so much like me or my husband in some habits that I start enjoying her behavior and loved her more...We exchange a very different communication that day with each other for the whole day!

I listen to the Radio in the morning from 6:00 o'clock to 9:00/9:30. It's just a habit I had from my childhood. My father used to put on a radio and from the programs we use to decide the time and used to get ready in time for the school or college. Now Radio programs are not like that but this habit keeps me with the time still! I know all the new songs, all the new language that is going around and all the new trends in the world. When I listen to some very romantic song I remember how was the feeling for my husband in the starting days...It revives that feeling in me again. Certainly making life more spicy!

Oh I know what you must be thinking now..."How long this story is going to be?!" This is the forth para and I have reached only up to 9:30 a.m.! So are there going to be more than 10 paras? Hell no I don't have that much patience as well! I want to give you a 2 hours Hollywood movie with the extra ordinary special effects and not the same old 3 hours Bollywood movie.

My life is going on with more or less same pace for last 15 years. Each day is somewhat same as the other ;still different. Enjoying this difference second by second each day is what I am doing in all my day's work.

I have gathered so many such seconds in my day's work.....I have travelled in different spaces and times with the books I read, and movies I saw!I have experience the moments of pure giving and social work. I have experienced the great moments of selflessness, of love ,of friendship and of sheer hopelessness.... I have experienced all this quite unexpectedly in my dull every day's work and it had given me such a joy...

I am happy about my life and yet feeling some unhappiness. I keep on finding something and fighting for more in a day's work! I am living my life all in day's work!

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