Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Indian Dream

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I was very much confused with this subject when I started thinking about writing it! It is so vast subject! What am I going to write? I was thinking about it for whole two days. Yesterday I slept thinking about it only and I had a dream.....

In that dream I was in a room full of people...No...Wait. It was full of many me's. All different creative me's. All me's were busy doing something or other and 'I' me started doing a tour... In dream everything is possible, you see!

First I visited a me who have all different maps of India scattered all over the place. "Indian Dream is not only the dream of Indian people but it can be a dream of some other people as well. We have to take those dreams in consideration as well...." She was saying with feelings. Then she showed me so many maps and explained things about them. It all waved in front of my eyes like this-


I think I missed something she told me about American Indian dream and something else .... But other me's were calling me as well.

The next me was a kind of M.B.A. person. He was making a statistical data with answered questionnaires and all. He had categories like these:-

1) Bollywood stars

2) Hollywood star

3) A Day with a Bollywood star

4) A day with a Hollywood star

5) Becoming a star (Any category from T.V. To films.) or a model

6) Becoming a cricket player of the Indian team

7) A day with a cricketer

8) To be a very rich person a easy way

9) To stay in a very comfortable place where they will get all facilities. Stay in the big cities and metros.

10) Become famous by any means

11) To be happy with family and friend

12) Going abroad for study or service or for staying permanently

Apart from this some weired kind of options were there as well. "These are all the dreams of Indian people. This is what they are taking efforts to achieve. So this is the 'Indian Dream"! Yes this I also got a point. I left her to see the next me.

The third me was having all the photos of reformatories from present and past. He was arranging them with their quotes.

"This is how we should think of the Indian Dream. The Technologically, scientifically, politically ,culturally and economically strong India. India without poverty. India without violence. A self sufficient India. This is what an ideal Indian Dream for all of us. Many in India are still dreaming for such India.

Now actually I saw me writing a post with all this information. Am I really writing this post or am I dreaming? OK. Do not pinch me. I got it. I am really writing this post about my dream of 'THE INDIAN DREAM!'

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Dream

I was sitting idle staring at the water surface. It reminded me of myself! Very cool and calm on the surface but very deep. So many secrets, so many mysteries it must be storing in its depths; no one knew. Suddenly I wanted to throw a stone in that lake to disturb it's calmness...To create some movement. I was looking for the stone when I saw her.

Was she coming to me? Really coming to me?I couldn't believe it! Was I happy to see her coming to me? I didn't know. I was a bit confused about my feelings. She is the only one who knew where to find me and how to find me still I didn't wante her to find me! What an irony.

She seemed very eager to meet me. She was almost running. She was very happy. Her face was looking like a fully bloomed flower with the morning dew. Her eyes were sparkling. If she was happy why is she coming to me? I started to feel very excited. Was she going to disappoint me?

She came near enough and saw my expressions which I was trying to hide.

" I am here to ask that wish you granted me and you don't look happy! Have you changed your mind?"

"Of course not. tell me what do you want and I will fulfill your wish!" I said half heartedly. She stared at me for a long moment then turned away.

She took few steps and then slowly she turned to me again.

"I really want you to fulfill my wish Angel. I would not have come to you otherwise. Trust me." "I trust you completely friend. I am obliged to fulfill your wish. But I started to believe last few weeks that you will never come. I really did not want you to come to me like this! That's all!"

We had known each other only for past three weeks. I was wandering about without aim as usual. My friends and my colleagues had been teasing me for not finding a single person to fulfill his or her wills when they were doing their job overtime.... Never confused or without a client! They teased me all the time. But this time I decided to take their advice. I was going to find at least one person and going to fulfill at least one wish of that person. However foolish and repetitive it might be!

Then I saw her. She was sitting on the bank of my favourite pond. Yes, her face was very familiar as I had seen her many times there.She was sitting very quietly. I went up to her and said "Hello" from behind her. She startled and looked back with shock. She was crying. I saw tears rolling down her cheeks. At that moment I thought I got the person. I felt happy. But I was so wrong.... After a hello, I asked her if she was in trouble and if I could help her in any way. She denied my help point blank and with a very beautiful smile left.

Next day I changed my approach and told her who I was and granted a wish to her. She said,

" I am a non believer! I do not believe in Angels or for that matter in GOD!"

She didn't even ask for a proof! Then I followed her everywhere.... At least to get rid of me she would ask for a wish to be granted. She never asked. She almost convinced me that I was wasting my time on her. She did not have any wish. She was very satisfied with her life as it was. She liked to accept the challenges it offered her. She liked the unpredictability of it. She had all the wish she had completed and now she didn't have any wish left! She even seemed confused about many fulfilled wishes whether hers or someone else's.

We discussed it so many times and in so many different ways that I was convinced that she really wouldn't make a wish to me..... I was happy as I know once a wish was granted it becomes addiction! It never gave satisfaction and joy of accomplishment. She was not that kind of a person. She would take efforts to fulfill her own wish. And still proving me wrong again she was here to make a wish.

"Come on, out with it!" I almost shouted at her! I couldn't take it more...

"I dreamed yesterday night "

"Oh good! So?"

"And I don't remember a thing ! I mean about what I saw in that dream..."

"What connection it had with the wish you wanted to be fulfilled?"

"That's just it! I want you to find out that dream for me.." "What?" I was so shocked by her wish...."I could not do that. But I could give you a new dream if you want."

She looked very disappointed and sad! "I only want that particular dream !"

I was starting to be a bit annoyed! "Why? What was so important about that particular dream?"

"I had a dream after such a long time. I had almost forgotten to dream, how it felt after a dream, what joy we have when we fulfill that dream. That dream was a new identity I had. I had to fulfill that dream. Please help me! Please!!" I was so overwhelmed... I almost started crying with joy. She was really a unique person.

So now a day's we are still looking for that dream of my friend. If you find it please contact me immediately!!