Thursday, July 30, 2009

CELEBRATING '25'th post!!

I was reading all my usual blogs yesterday. I came across the post where one of my friend was celebrating her 75Th post. I was so full of admiration for her... It always amazed me how easily people write and they have so much to write and share.It is not easy to maintain a blog with regular posts.Writing a post a day is like a dream to me.It is not only sharing your thoughts you have to visit other blogs write comments on them. You have to write a post witch will be entertaining and attract other people's attention! I think that is the hardest part!!

When I start my P.C.I always decide to write a post.But after signing in I start reading the blogs first. I couldn't stop reading. For hours I read and read and read...Then no time is left to write. I have so many things to write about that I get confused and don't write at all!I think...that's me...always confused about everything! But that is not today's topic!

So after seeing that post I decided to see the number of posts I have written and I was in for a great surprise.... I have completed writing 25 posts. This is my 27Th post! Can you believe it? I can't believe it!! So..really IT IS A TIME FOR CELEBRATIONS!!Hurray...
I have already come across some other celebrations like birthday of a blog but I was very dormant at first.I was learning to use computers as well as I was trying to improve my English to write a proper blog. So I was very irregular blogger that time so there was no point in celebrating birthdays. I like this idea better! So today I am celebrating my crossing 25 posts...
I have learned many things while writing these posts.Thanks to all the followers for their unconditional and precious support!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I have been Tagged....

I have been Tagged by a rose is a rose is a rose . This is the first time I have been tagged. So I am excited! First I have to list the rules. So The rules are-
1)Link the person who tagged you.
2)Post the rules on your blog.
3)Share the ABC's of you.
4)Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
5)Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6)Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of blogger doing this tag.
I have to list my favourite things starting with one letter.. Let's see..It is a bit hard..I have seen Shilpa's blog ( and she had selected "s". I find I like all those things only!! But I can hardly copy pest her post!( I guess she has all the rights reserved!) So here I am with "My" original list.

The things I like Starting with letter 'F'
1) Family- Family always comes first for me. I have a very loving and supportive family.I love my family very much!!
2) Food-I love eating!You can see that in my photograph as well..I am a vegetarian and I like all kind of food.Italian i.e.Pizza,Pasta ,Ma crony,Lasagna etc; Chinese(Of course Indian's Chinese as I have never been to China and as I heard we get Indian's Chinese in India) Noodles,Sweet and sour vegetables,Manchurian,Fried rice etc. I love continental food like Burger,sandwiches,Puffs sizzlers etc. All the Indian food (Marathi ,Gujarati,Rajasthani,South Indian and so on ...) Hoe can I forget Mexican food? So you name any food and I have eaten it or at least I will certainly try!!

3)Films- I love watching films.Before marriage my father did not allowed us to watch films.So I didn't know how much I like to watch them! My Husband is a movie lover.I watched more movies in that first year of marriage than I had watch in all the 22 years of my life before it!! and now T watch more movies than him.(He only watches Hollywood movies and in that action and sci-fie. But I watch all Hollywood and Bollywood movies as well as some Marathi movies as well!!So...)I even like to watch documentaries, Short films,cartoon films etc.

4) Fictions-I love reading! Like movies I can read all types of books but as I have to write things starting with "F" (See how hard it is!) I am going to list only Fictions I liked. all seven Harry Potter books, Angels and Demons, Doomsday Conspiracy,Not a penny more not a penny less and the list goes on...
5)Friends- I am a very friendly person.(I hope nobody from this blog sphere will object to that!) I have all kinds of friends like best friends,good friends, just friends, not so good friends and bad friends as well .I have lots of friends and I wish to make more friends..
6) This thing I love to have but.....Let's say it's a dream thing ! I love to have a Fan Club !! What would you say?
So friends this is all about me. Now I am going to tag few of my friends.1) Crazy Cris at(, at( and 3) ( 4) just a girl at ( .It will be interesting to see their posts.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today's Flower

I don't know the English names of these flowers. The photographs are not recent. But I will try to take more new photographs before my next post for 'Today's flower".
For more pictures of today's flower click
I know now a days I am writing less posts as I am busy reading all the other wonderful blogs and watching movies! But I hope that will be remedied soon. I have seen 'Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince' and I am going to write about it as soon as possible! I want to write about two books I have read as well. So hope to do the task as soon as possible...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

Last Saturday we went to see this movie. I wanted to see Bolt or Ice Age 3. But we were late for Bolt as there was no show and my husband refused to go to Ice Age! So we saw 'Transformers' on the second day of it's release.

Yes it is a good movie. I will rate it to three stars. It is faster than the first one . (Which we saw again after coming back...) They have retained the star cast so you get related with the characters immediately. The graphic effects and photography is superb! Story line is also good. What I liked the most about the movie is it maintains a soft humour through out the movie even if it is an action movie and it won't seem out of place at all.

I will not say that it is some extra ordinary good movie but 'Transformer 1 'also didn't fit in that title. So it is a very good sequel nonetheless! The transformation of cars into AutoBots is spectacular!! I like Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee the most. Formation of The Big Destructive Transformer that goes to destroy the Pyramid is also very good. This movie gives you the feeling we are not alone and we are really too small for the world around us. Now I will see each car with suspicion just like I felt that people around us could actually be Aliens residing on earth as in the movie "MIB".

I have read about the idea that pyramids are not human and they are built by the aliens. I think this same idea was used in the movie "The Fifth Element" so that was not the original idea. But it fitted in the story perfectly. I liked the statement-"Matrix is not supposed to be found. It needs to be earned."And yes we humans have fighting spirit and we deserve to live!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today's Flower

All these pictures are taken when we were visiting few interesting places all over India...

Today I found this new marvellous Blog named Today's flower. (Check it here The pics on this blog and the other connecting blogs are superb! I fell in love with all those different flowers!! I am not a good photographer but I have some good photographs of flowers. So I couldn't resist the urge of posting these pics...

I loved the velvety colour of this flower!

It is a bit unusual colour for a Lotus. Generally they are white or pink.
I hope you will enjoy these pics...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some pictures of Monsoon...(The rainy season)

You can see rainbow many times in this season.

When excess rain falls; Mula river overflows to bring floods up to the gate of our society!

These are the Lily flowers blossomed in my balcony.... A sight for sour eyes in rainy season...

This is how it looks like when the wind blows away clouds, sky clears and rain disappears...

It is the view after plenty of rain washes the environment! It feels very clean and very very green.....

Monday, July 6, 2009

What a day!

Today is our 14th marriage anniversary. So my husband decided to stay at home. We planned to go to some movie, relax, just talk and spend a day happily! But alas... He started some work over weekend, some proposal ("business" proposal I mean...) and all our plans were gone with the wind! I think over all these years I now somehow know how to expect things to happen. So I am not disappointed and I am very satisfied with myself for that! Now I hope our plans for the dinner will be carried out more satisfactorily!!
He worked from home today so I still got some quality time to spend with him. All we talked about was share market trading!! Today our finance minister presented the annual budget in the parliament and my husband traded on the right side of the market! He was very happy about it and he lent me some information about it!! (These men! I really doubted why he stayed home for... is it the anniversary or he wanted to see the budget speech and keep an eye on market!!) But all the same I am happy as I had gained some new information. I really am very bad with the financial market and all the Numbers involved... Pure mathematics like matrices, integration, derivatives etc I am o.k. with... but when that money word comes in between my maths collapses completely! I really don't know why... so now I am trying to improve it! And of course I am not telling him about it before my goal is achieved!! (I know in my guts that even if he tries to be patient and gentle, all his comments and efforts to encourage me will frighten me soon enough!) So that is my resolution of the Day! I will surprise him with my knowledge of finance next year...
After months' wait it rained properly like a Monsoon day today! As all our water resources depend upon the Monsoon it's a really happy day after the worries that rain will never come and it would be a draught like situation this year in this part of the country. The situation is still not much different as we need lots of more rains; but at least it had started. So in all this day was full of all kind of emotional ups and downs! What a day!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Terminator salvation-the 4Th movie of the series of terminator movies released in India last Friday and we went to see it on Saturday। It was not that successful at the box office at least in Pune! But I liked the movie very much। Even if it the the 4Th movie it had a strong story line, fast pace and good action! It never contradicts with the earlier moviews and with all that, it has its own moments as well. You get scared when machines (different from all earlier movies) attack and carry human prisoners, you get thrilled when John Conner appeals everybody to give him time and goes in enemy camp to save his future father and there is a very good mystery about Marcus... half machine half man as well! All in all I liked the movie and I certainly give it two thumbs up! But I have hell of time afterwords explaining my 11 year old daughter about John Conner's would be father whom he sent himself in past!! After many sincere efforts by me she took pity on me and gave up saying that although she didn't understand the movie fully she liked it as well!! (Now what she liked about it that you have to ask her as I don't dare......) So even if it is not a comedy we had a good laugh in the end!